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  • pbmwatcher pbmwatcher Jun 4, 2008 5:15 PM Flag

    35m for Medicaid Fraud-

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    • I believe the story featured a missprint.

      It should have said "Freud", not "fraud."

      "Fraud" would indicate Walgreens deliberately tried to cheat Medicare. "Freud" would indicate Walgreens was caught pretending to be a real pharmacy and got caught in its childish masquerade.

      Fraud is a crime. Freud is a symtom of multiple-personality disorder and an impersonation of a competent dispensing chemistry. It is a commonplace dysfunction of morbidly obese Pharmacists.... such as populate many Walgreens.

      Lighten up on these poor dudes. They already are shouldering the considerable financial burden of having all their 401K and retirement dollars tied up in a single LOSER stock that has anemically languished since its last split in... yes, believe it Ripley... 1999! Almost a decade since any long term WAG investor made any money... other than truly dead money!

      So, the next time you visit Walgreens and see the slob Pharmacist chowing down on multiple King Reese's P/B Cups, respect that he has been through a lot and deserves your PITY. If he drools in your prescription, well, just let it go and take your meds, anyway. Only a few have hydrophobia, so at worst you are probably at risk for a minor case of Chlamydia.

      Let's all try and help these poor slobs out! Show a little pity.