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  • yank.wags_chain yank.wags_chain Jul 26, 2008 1:04 AM Flag

    Walgreens... Home Enema King

    What do you do? Stand by, all day, so if I make a post you can hurry up and one star it three times so no one else can read it? It took less than 3 minutes, tonight, for my new posts to be one-starred.

    Whatever you think you accomplished, I can only tell you that Walgtreens tock WENT DOWN AGAIN today, as it does most every day, and for an issue that was in a dead heat for share price with both CVS and Walmart, a few months ago, it is now a LOSER EMERITUS!

    So you keep trying to suppress the truth regarding the shameful return investors get in Walgreens stock. As, for me, well I'll be living the good life with hefty returns from CVS and cost-averaged DSCM... as well as a great, balanced portfolio that includes alt-energy shares of the future. And huge dividends from foreign ETF's that are paying me as much as 60% dividends while you rot in the pits of Walgreens' disdain for shareholder return.

    You represent Walgreens shareholder interests very well. But, then again, what more would I expect from someone that lives in Texas and requires help to change his underwear.

    Oooh, a cheap shot! What goes around, comes around. LOSER! You earned it, jerk!