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  • wag_bag_holder wag_bag_holder Jun 26, 2008 3:28 PM Flag

    Hey, its only paper losses...right?

    Little green rectangular pieces of paper with pictures on them.

    Nice job WAG BAGGERS

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    • paper loss hahahahahahahaha he better wake up he's got 8 years of paper loss hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!

    • Another childish little banana suck beeeyeach.

      Thanks for your input ivan.

      Who is next?

      Nice call...WAG at new 52-week low.

      Banana and the "crew"=The brain dead following the feeble minded.

    • Wag_fag,
      How much does YANK give you to be his PR person and personal suck beetch?

      "Give me the number of your personal loan officer in your wing of the bsnk."

      Why, does he need his floors swept or his waste baskets emptied? Maybe his office carpet shampooed? That's the only reason you would be calling a bank officer, Yank!


    • Hey basher,

      How much does banana give you to be his PR person and personal suck beetch?

      Your name shows up with banana in one of my posts and magically you show up.

      Did banana-bunkee-flunkee conjour you or are you a figment of his imagination around the little tea table get-togethers at banana's doll house in moms basement?

      Either way, you are another blow hard flexing his muscles over the telephone (internet).

      Give me the number of your personal loan officer in your wing of the bsnk.

    • Hey yvan no surprise here who wants to quote an idiot.

    • Old BM is hard at it again, wondering why Bananarug has NO debt! BM thinks it is the "American Way" to be in debt up to your eye-balls and speculates that since Bananarug has no debt he must have been denied a loan. What a joke! I have no debt with credit card bills paid in full each month and no mortgage, but I sell enough stocks/bonds etc every six months to keep one year's of cash on hand to meet expected and unexpected expenses. One thing that BM fails to fathom(one of a thousand things) is that while little people like BM are denied virtually any service by their bank, others of us have access to lines of credit between $500,000 and one million or more at rates BELOW prime rate, because we are preferred customers! BM is a preferred customer, the banks prefer he stay away! LOL!
      Gee, I almost forgot to mention that with Chicken Little BM running around with his head cut off or up his behind screaming SELL, I still have only 84 cents invested in most of my Walgreen stock, except for the November, 1987 purchase that is a pricey $1.64! LOL! Hey BM, did I make any money or do I only get to count it when I sell? The correct answer is you only make money or lose money when you SELL dummy! The Capital Grille or Mortons doesn't care if I have tons of Wag stock I haven't sold, only what my card limit is or how much I have in my wallet! No sale, no gains/losses! This must be really tough to comprehend for some addle brains on this board. Too bad, so sad!

    • Yank was quoted today that "I am stupid and I am proud of that fact and do not try to hide it, as you can see from all my self multi-starred posts." Yank went on to say that "ignorance like mine does not just happen, but you have to work at it to be as moronically stupid as I am!"

      We agree completely!


    • So which is it. No guts to incur debt? No ability to incur debt/cut off by banks? Or a recent bankruptcy to wipe out huge and existing debt?

      Of course, it is easier to maintain a debt-free position when all your credit cards and charge accounts have been cancelled.

      I told you you were too poor to spend all that money at that pathetic, geriatric's choice: The Oak Room.





    • I like your pst about the balls and his male wife, Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah.

    • You also have zero brains and after your life partner finds out how much you "lost on paper", zero balls too.


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