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  • exwagemployee exwagemployee Jul 6, 2008 4:55 PM Flag

    Hey bananarug4

    If you ever need a loan and go to a bank they look st your assets - what they see on your PAPER STATEMENT is what they say you are worth. Now lets say they want to see the same accounts statement one month after application and before they approve your loan; yet the statement shows a lower balance because of losses in WAG. Guess what? Even though you have not sold ie a PAPER LOSS, they still will claim you lost money in your portfolio. Sure you can make yourself feel good by saying you have not lost any $$$ until you sold, but in the real world intelligent people know just how full of shit you are.

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    • This last post smells of of the angrier alteregos of bananabread.


      Boo-Hoo Get over it bananaWAG4

    • "If you ever need a loan and go to a bank they look st your assets"

      Too bad your "assets" are so minuscule that you are on the borderline of getting a loan or not getting one! You are obviously "little people"(SUB-PRIME) who banks scrutinize very carefully before they dole out a small amount at very high interest rates! People that don't "need" money like Bananarug, get preferential rates and all sorts of favors that are not available to LOSERS like YOU, Yank! What do you need a loan for, DINNER?

      Straight cash homie!