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  • yank.wags_chain yank.wags_chain Jul 12, 2008 12:28 AM Flag

    Good Luck to America and to all of us!

    This was a very poor week for most investors. I, for one, admit to losing a LOT of money. Today was especially painful. Contrary to occasional opinions to the contrary, I am not a "short" trader, by preference, and hardly ever exercise short trading as a strategy.

    America's oil dependency is, as Bush says, "an addiction" that must be treated, or, yet leaner times bode surely and ominously on the horizon. We need to drill more. We need to conserve more. We need to blend all the alt/carbon/fuel strategies into a new Energy initiative to STOP the importation of foreign petroleum.

    The soon-to-be-detailed T. Boone Pickens initiative is, from my early preview, a very interesting imperative for energy self-sufficiency. I urge all of you to consider it.

    This is a great country with lots of grit, determination and resourceful citizenry. We need some focus and unanimity on energy sourcing or our way of life... the best that the world has ever witnessed... will come to an abrupt and painful "halt" for all of us.

    No "tata" tonight. Good luck to all of us, and may God Bless this Country!

    If you are not concerned, you should be.


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    • Poor guy was pissing his pants.

    • bananafana4friend bananafana4friend Jul 12, 2008 12:43 AM Flag

      The only problem with oil prices is london foreign headge fun loop hole which allows foreign hedgefunds to manipulate commodity prices. And of course the vote and money whores otherwise known as prostiticians in washington did not close when they had the chance to close it. Get ready for lots of inflation and about 10% of the banks to fail. As far as windmills they are not the answer. For example what happens to a power grid if all at once the wind stops blowing and you lose 10% of the generation feeding a local grid? The answer is brown outs our outages to maintain voltages until other generation can be brought up on load to make up the difference. I suspect ol T boonie boy is looking for a big fat government subsidy to game with a windmill company. The answer to energy dependence is increased fuel efficiency, smaller cars, nuclear power, algae based biodiesel, some wind, solar, peak shaving, storage of power for peak loads, conversion of simple cycle turbines to combined cycle, more drilling in areas not currently drilled with known reserves, other forms currently being developed working like darkpower and the removal of bushes and his band of liars via impeachment. .