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  • yank.wags_chain yank.wags_chain Dec 20, 2008 10:55 AM Flag

    Yank Owns This Board!

    So many fake Yanks... all trying to cash in on my insight and sound advice (like DRI up >19% on Friday, alone)... and all the "pseudos" lacking the originality and general ability to be anything but a CHEAP imitation. Kinda makes you sad for the banana-brethren whose idea of restaurant chains is outlandish claims that they actually eat at the places they see featured on TV Diner on television! What a sorry farce but, I guess, to be expected from the kind of multi-ID loser whose IPO collapsed
    and left him a "consultant without portfolio" which is a nice way of saying unemployed and sponging off his wife's sorry, little storefront business.

    Sorry, fake Yanks, but all your chicanery and attempts to obscure the posts predicting that next week's quarterly numbers will put a further big hurt on WAG's pathetically depressed share price. You can post so many garbage messages that the one's with real content get lost, but... when the results come out the action will be based on the reality of the news... not your juvenile games and boring message board crap.

    How many times have you seen solid results announced in a quarter that followed the CEO being shown the door?

    Sorry the truth hurts. Ya shoulda bought CVS! You have precisely one day to correct this mistake... or pay the price on the 23rd.