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  • yank.wags_chain yank.wags_chain Dec 21, 2008 9:21 AM Flag

    Yank Owns This Board!

    Just more vomiting of gross distortions and lies... the usual banana strategy!

    My MD advised me to take some time off. So what? I made a decision to leave my laptop at home. Where did I say the doctor so advised me?

    The only fact in your childish rant is the comment about "counseling" which is something EVERYONE needs after reading any of the continuum of stupidity with which you have cluttered this and now the CVS board with, without respite, for far too long.

    You are despised on this board except by your other fake ID's and, now, you are growingly despised on the CVS board, as well. Wherever you spread your narrow arrogance and ego-driven garbage... you will continue to be despised.

    You are the ONLY braggart I ever heard of that actually posted his claimed IQ on a Yahoo Message Board as some ridiculous, self-promoted "badge of superiority" over another poster. What an embarrassment that you would do something so ridiculous.

    Your comments on the mythical IPO are just another scam. There are no blackout dates once an IPO is launched (except rare exceptions where a secondary offer is within 30 days of issue). "Fiduciary responsibility" is a financial covenant and has no requirement for secrecy as to your place of employment. You are scared to identify the company. It's just that simple.

    As for your childish threat about my getting off the board...DROP DEAD.

    Almost all YOUR messages involve me. Admit it. You are possessed with me and my continual besting of your idiotic rants on both this and the CVS boards. Get a new hobby... or follow my strong alternative advice and DROP DEAD.

    Thanks in advance for DROPPING DEAD before 2009 commences so all of us investors can enjoy a more clutter-free informational environment!