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  • rgsam54 rgsam54 Oct 13, 2008 11:08 AM Flag

    No real Problem W/ Walgreen's

    You guys are on drugs

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    • No we're not on drugs..... :> |
      Most store I frequent are clean, neat, shippable and busy.

      But it is the same ole' tired merchandising proclaimed great by yet another ass-munch. Man selling candy bars must be seen as big these folks. Maybe a different direction is needed..more of a focus on things even a guy might want other than the obvious. They seem to cater to finicky women who are penny pinching coupon cutters.

      mho Kharma
      On even keel ( as in boat) WAGS is over sold severely

      keel (guy term)

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      • Who do think does most of the shopping. Women not men.
        Also Walgreens has a great software to tailor made each Walgreen to its neighborhood.

        Just got done reading and article citiquing Walgreen about direction. In my opinion they have diversified well. They are still expanding through brick and morter. They have also expand with speciality drug through home care intiaitives they claim this will grow about 15 to 20% per year. Also managing in store clinics and those they bought into for major companies like toyota. THis is all positive. Plus wags got caught up with like all companies with 9/11, the number of medicines that went generic. Now this credit melt down. And Walgreen is still weathering the storm. the growth is positive what would have been like if none of this happened but it did and they are doing well.