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  • kharmablessed kharmablessed Oct 13, 2008 10:20 AM Flag

    No real Problem W/ Walgreen's

    Just because it's an old nepotistic, patronised, and self-serving brick & mortar entity doesn't mean it lacks potential.

    The real problem is the board of directors and the son-in laws, brothers, sons and daughters of former people of position can't think outside the box. Getting back to basics is all they know. Most have never busted their ass period.

    Wag's either needs to diversify or add square footage and give the consumer a place where they can get what they want.
    Not try to get what is in those books of an ad that put the entire store on sale every week.


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    • So many real problems with wags, they promote based on who you marry or who is good at golf, the stores are lost, the mgmt is lost and the stores are suffering. Why does no one listen, wags used to be a good company, now, who know if they will ever recover!
      Everyone talks about the dirty stores, poor merchandisng and just overall crappy conditions in the stores, it ain't all the store managers fault when they can't get a hold of their district manager, cause he has too many stores too far apart or he/she is playing golf, they dont care any more either.
      Lot's of problems, just an overall mess.

    • dirty stores? yes!

    • this is a real problem, you can call it whatever you like, how can you have to have a relative at the company to get promoted?

    • i can not understand why wags keeps cutting hours

    • The route to many corporate positions is thru store manager to DM. A good DM can do anything. He can be President, Treasurer, a divisional merchandise manager, a vice-president in marketing or loss prevention. The opprotunities are endless for a successful DM. All that requires is one of three things: be lucky enough to get a district that includes a market like Las Vegas, be able to suck a golf ball through 50 yards of garden hose, be related to a regional vice-president or a prior DM that is now on executive row. These are exactly the characteristics shareholders rely on to rejuveniate the company.

    • why does no one see the real problem here!
      This is terrible for morale in a company and will tear it apart.
      wags is not the same ole wags we knew when we were growing up.
      The stores got older, the real top mgmt was family and moral was wonderful.
      This company really cared, it was like a dream, now, reality sits in, the stores are old, top mgmt comes and goes!
      Who is wags any more?
      just an ole tired company that time forgot