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  • shanney_79 shanney_79 Feb 13, 2009 12:06 AM Flag

    All my OT cut

    Its quite obvious you were never interviewed for an assistant manager position at Walgreens. For one it is guaranteed that you will have the four hours of overtime. In fact that is factored into the annual salary sales figures pitch that they give everyone for that position. I suggest you stop talking out your a$$ and get your facts straight. Maybe when your boss calls you into the office and tells you that your pay is getting cut by at least 10%, AFTER your company posted profits, then you can talk.

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    • They did not guarantee 4 hours of overtime in writing. They signed these people up for full time positions. Whatever the minimum number of hours for full time is at Walgreens (at some retailers it is 32), that is all that these hourly Assistant Managers are entitled to.

      I know of excessive abuse over the years where hourly Assistant Managers were working 10-15 hours of Overtime each week and making a huge amount of income in what appeared to be uncontrolled overtime. In most retail chains, overtime is unheardof. The hourly people work and do not get ANY overtime, EVER, no exceptions. Any extra work must be done by those who are salaried.

      Most Walgreens Assistant Managers I see spend a disproportionate amount of time doing things like stocking shelves and being a cashier. They could hire a regular employee to stock shelves for a lot less money and way more efficiently since the Assistant Manager who is stocking keeps getting interrupted.

      CVS and Rite Aid only have one store manager and one assistant per store (except some higher volume 24hr stores); then they have Shift Supervisors who are paid far less than Walgreens hourly assistants are.

      I can see why this took place; too much overtime abuse for so long. Those working the 4 hours overtime each week did nothing wrong, but are paying for those who worked 10-15 hours overtime each week and took advantage.

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      • Wrong. But the word is “promised”. The Asst. managers have been promised for 2 decades now, when hired, that the store manager would schedule them for 44hrs. Yes there was abuse but that’s not why they got rid of the 4hrs allocated overtime. Last month they put a heavy clamp down on the abuse and they were VERY successful at it. The Regional VPs put the “fear of God” into it. And of course you see Asst managers being cashiers and stocking shelves since they put a heavy clamp down on the overall store’s budget. What’s next? Walgreens will probably start going the way of CVS and decrease the amount of Assts also per store. Right now they are piloting a program where clerks would be doing the simple refunds and exchanges at the cash register. Customer service is going to take a direct hit but yet the higher ups will still harp on it.

      • You're right, they did not guarantee this in writing. They are not REQUIRED to give us this benefit. However, every MGT has the right to be ticked off over the fact it has been taken away. It was a verbal agreement that we all received when we were offered the job, and accounted for 17% of our total pay. For them to take that away without any notice is low. Especially after they said that the "Rewiring" project would not affect the store level employees.

        As for MGTs abusing the OT system, this is the store manager's fault just as much as the MGT's. I had a manager I worked for who I always tried to get out on time, but they would have me stay late all the time to finish projects and such. I would be asked the come in early to help with truck and on my days off to do other projects. I didn't want that excessive OT. I was very happy with my 44 hours. I just did what was asked of me. Corporate should have had a firmer grasp on the OT if their was a problem.

        Walgreens likely is trying to restructure their store to be similar to Rite Aid or CVS; but that leaves those of us who were hired on to be Assistant Manager's in a bad place. We're now vastly underpaid for an Assistant Manager(Walmart pays 42k+, CVS 38-42, Kmart 36k+, etc), and are forced to try to run the store at a high level in even less time. I applied to be an assistant manager, not a shift leader(yes, there is a difference), which seems to be the direction they're heading.

        I guess this would explain all the MGTs that have been hired lately with no spots to go. They're probably expecting a bit of turnover after the news. And reasonably so. Maybe not now, but once the market improves and jobs start opening again, I can't see many college grads sticking it out as an MGT. I would think most college grads should be able to make more than $33k.

        Don't get me wrong, I am very fortunate to still have a job in a world where so many are losing there's. However, I still believe that this move is wrong. It was handled wrong in it's communication. And it will hurt the customer service because in all reality, the only employees of the store who have any clue what's going on are the managers. No one else there knows or cares to know as they're not paid enough to care.

        I'm going to stick it out for the time being. I honestly like working for Walgreens, and take great pride in my work. I don't agree with the current decisions being made from above, but I will give them the benefit of doubt for now and continue to do my best. I'm hoping to just make it to EXA class this spring(if they hold EXA classes this year...) and that would solve all the financial problems that this causes me. I wouldn't mind picking up a few hours to make up for the lost hours elsewhere if I were to become salaried.

        But if I get passed up for EXA class and things don't get better, I may look elsewhere. I know the economy's bad so I'm not likely to find anything, but I just feel as an assistant manager at a high-volume retail, we're not too underpaid to not at least explore other options.