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  • billdoolindodge billdoolindodge Feb 11, 2009 12:40 AM Flag

    All my OT cut


    There is a quantitative correlation between labor (costs) and production (profits). What occurred Monday at Walgreens was not simply the "elimination of overtime."

    It was a massive across the board pay cut.

    Managers are scheduled for 44 hours per week. Tasks such as revisions, resets, price changes, ordering, etc, are factored based upon a 44-hour work week. The compensation package for assistant managers was figured on a 44-hour work week, four of which hours were overtime.

    I know of no assistant manager, or EXA, or young store manager who was NOT assured and promised 44 hours a week upon being hired. What happened this week is that assistant managers just took between a $4800 and $5500 pay cut--and for absolutely no acceptable reason.

    Deerfield idiots spend the money stores make faster than the stores can make it. Stores succeed IN SPITE of Deerfield. Walgreens incessant addiction to acquisition is frightening. And the money some of these acquisitions is losing, such as Take Care and WHS isn't frightening--it's nightmarish.

    Last year in fiscal 2008, Jeff Rein approved the creation of $2.9 million in NEW salaried senior executive positions in Deerfield that had no predecessor, nor any clear responsibility. This does not include the additional senior exec positions created through acquisition of companies and the subsequent promotion of THEIR senior executives.

    Deerfield feeds itself before it feeds its help. Problem is, the stores can operate without Deerfield. Charles Walgreen set up his company for stores to run autonomously. Dose of Dave, Rein, and now Wasson have completely destroyed that--while at the same time, talking out of both sides of their mouths.

    Deerfield will still get bonuses--bonuses paid for via the pay cuts inflicted on assistant managers.

    If Walgreens store management was unionized, 95% of all Walgreens stores would be closed this week due to management picketing their stores.

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    • "If Walgreens store management was unionized, 95% of all Walgreens stores would be closed this week due to management picketing their stores."

      There you go. A pure UNION ASSHOLE.

      Dude, when you want to talk about business, let me know.

      You and your union brethren only try to make it an employee vs employer scenariou. Your unions drive more companies into the ground and for what reason? To pad the pockets of the union leaders. So you can go to junkets to Aruba on their dime.

      Unions are a bad bad thing. They tie business' hands. They cost the company money. Unions ultimately KILL companies. Guess what happens then? The company no longer exists and THE EMPLOYEE DOES NOT HAVE A JOB. However, the Union Leaders continue to go on their junkets and bring home their fat paychecks.

      Wanna debate this. Lets go. I will kick your butt just like I have kick other union a-holes in the past.

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      • Wall street ties businesses hands way more than unions!!! The company makes money because of the employee way more than because of a shareholder. The shareholder drive for short term profit makes a company, such as banks focus on the current and not the long term sustainability of the company, so when market conditions change their screwed because they focus so much on the now! The union is a saint compared to the shareholder. Walgreens or any company could survive without you, the shareholder, without the employee, the people, the faces in the stores, a company is nothing. The problem is walgreens tried to increase shareholder value by adding stores too fast to satisfy you dumb shareholders and wall streets greed. Walgreens is in this mess of too fast expansion because of you the shareholder. Instead a better look would be at more attractive business departments in the company, not 1000s stores a year. Some miss management for sure, but the worker has done nothing but do their part and increase sales, and we get pay cut. Unions can be very bad, but when a company takes advantage of job market conditions - hard to get another job, and yes sales are up, the worker is getting taken advantage of. So, why not a union? Oh, thats right its cause the fat shareholder on the computer wants to be lazy and get cash, at the expense of the hard worker. Unions are comming, it mine and ever other workers right to unionize you wags! It will teach shareholders a lesson. We have the right to be a union without punishment. Its the law, we have the right, go suck an egg!