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  • rgsam54 rgsam54 Feb 28, 2009 11:17 PM Flag


    Your an idiot. I don't smoke. If someone wants to smoke, they know the dangers of them. Who cares if walgreens sells cigaretes or not. If they friggin idiots portest Walgreens or any other drug store they need to get a life. So does any drug store give in to any goof who thinks anything or everything that is sold in any store is bad of anyone or the enviroment. I am so sick of these righteous individuals who think they can control everyone life. Just like this friggin democratic controlled congress and president.

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    • except you wind up being the... idi...*ahem* person... I wind up bankrolling when you wind up with diabetes from **choosing** to eat the cra...*ahem* bad... food and smoke the cigs and then... .oh my gosh.. surprise!! wind up with cancer....

      Sometimes people need to be saved from themselves. It's like I always say - there's way too much free dumb in this country.

      Let's give you one chance at rebuttal to this question, smartguy: What do you propose we do with all the mor... *ahem* people... that engage in self destructive behavior AFTER they contract the diseases that are drains on the public?

      I'll check back later.. I have to put in my 18 miler this morning...


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      • Rebut what rebut: Again who are you or any other individual to tell me what I can do or not do. My grandmother smoked ate greasy foods etc. for the record I don't smoke. She lived to 90. I know an idividual who ran ate proper food dropped dead at 45. Mind your own. Buy the way. Your continued running will wear out your knees and hips and will need a new knee and or hips. I know from my running my left knee is bone on bone and will be getting a new knee. Just take care of your own the way you believe. If other people want to adjust then it is there business. Beside look toward Canada, France, to see how health care has gone down. Not up.

      • You are absolutely correct. Proponents of Universal Healthcare seem to think that the plan will offset the fact that as a country we have one of the most obese, sedentary, and sick populations on the planet. Until we learn to take care of ourselves, stop being sedentary, eat appropriately, exercise regularly, practice preventive care and quit breeding and passing on to the next generation serious medical problems, no health plan, Universal or otherwise, is going to stem the rising cost of healthcare.