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  • irunthe262 irunthe262 Mar 1, 2009 7:39 AM Flag


    except you wind up being the... idi...*ahem* person... I wind up bankrolling when you wind up with diabetes from **choosing** to eat the cra...*ahem* bad... food and smoke the cigs and then... .oh my gosh.. surprise!! wind up with cancer....

    Sometimes people need to be saved from themselves. It's like I always say - there's way too much free dumb in this country.

    Let's give you one chance at rebuttal to this question, smartguy: What do you propose we do with all the mor... *ahem* people... that engage in self destructive behavior AFTER they contract the diseases that are drains on the public?

    I'll check back later.. I have to put in my 18 miler this morning...


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    • Rebut what rebut: Again who are you or any other individual to tell me what I can do or not do. My grandmother smoked ate greasy foods etc. for the record I don't smoke. She lived to 90. I know an idividual who ran ate proper food dropped dead at 45. Mind your own. Buy the way. Your continued running will wear out your knees and hips and will need a new knee and or hips. I know from my running my left knee is bone on bone and will be getting a new knee. Just take care of your own the way you believe. If other people want to adjust then it is there business. Beside look toward Canada, France, to see how health care has gone down. Not up.

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      • <<” Again who are you or any other individual to tell me what I can do or not do”>>

        Because I am a taxpayer that you expect to foot the bill for your bad personal choices. The facts speak for themselves. The US has the highest rate in the world for completely preventable risk factors for those diseases responsible for the highest mortality and morbidity and the resultant cost. The costs attributable to this are not a function of the healthcare system but a tendency of the population to make poor personal choices. The two fastest growing segments of the population carry genetic dominance for diabetes, heart disease, and certain blood disorders. We have the most obese population in the industrialized world and all of the healthcare problems that go with it and a universal system will not help contain any of these costs.

        <<” Beside look toward Canada, France, to see how health care has gone down.”>>

        Wow…..several flaws here. First of all, both France and Canada have experienced a decrease in birth rate significant enough that France will pay you a special tax credit if you have children. Lower birth rate produces a decrease in cost from both the obstetrics and pediatric perspective. Secondly, Both of those systems make very hard decisions with respect to certain morbidities and the care that the Nationalized system will pay for. What the system calls “heroic measures” ends a lot sooner under a Nationalized system, again decreasing care. Thirdly, both of these countries have a population which is much more active, eats more appropriately, and tends to discourage having children if you carry a marker for a serious health condition. Again, more cost savings. Lastly, Canada and France have 2 completely different Nationalized Healthcare models. In France healthcare workers are civil servants. In their system you have to get used to the healthcare works going on strike for this reason or that reducing care to an emergency basis only for months at a time. The government logs this as a savings LMAO….In Canada, providers are often assigned their patient by lottery. Remember the Nationalized system does not differentiate between a competent and incompetent MD. I hope you don’t mind your md possibly being chosen by lottery, especially on secondary and tertiary issues. If their system is so superior to ours, how come a large chunk of their practitioners will do whatever they can to emigrate here and practice in our system? If France’s system is so great why is “fee for service” the largest growing segment of the healthcare industry in France? Get a clue…..

      • Great, smartguy. In a world where there was no healthcare and your choices have no effect on me and my premiums, I'm all for you boozing it up and smoking while watching TV and eating a Philly Cheesesteak. You'd have to pay for your own scooter (cause you're too fat to walk), and when you get cancer, Oh well....

        Not saying YOU, by the way... it's the YOU in the "no insurance" world.....

        Until that time, until we can eliminate all healthcare insurance AND Medicaid, what the unhealthy do effects me, and I'm kind of mad about it because I'm healthier than 99% of all Americans, don't take meds and eat right and exercise. My BMI is right in line, and my resting pulse is 43. So why do I have to pay for some fatso eating pork rinds?

      • Oh, and I've been running for 31 years... over 100,000 miles... do the ill effects.... None. Not one. Your comments are made purely by a non-runner trying to "scare" other people into NOT exercising. I will mind my own, "buy" the way, when I don't have to subsidize your healthcare... Do you know when that day will come?

        AND, if you actually did the research, you'd see that there are studies that show that running REDUCES incidence of knee degeneration, not the other way around. Sorry.

        Finally, just so you know.. you are right. None of us knows when the end will come.. I very well could get hit by a bus when running. But I can tell you that your 90 year old mother was lucky - she's a statistical anomoly, and your 45 year old friend probably was eating badly and/or had other major stressors in his life. If that wasn't the case (Jim Fixx) a congenital heart problem may have led to his death, however, chances are had he been a non-runner, he would have died years earlier.

    • You are absolutely correct. Proponents of Universal Healthcare seem to think that the plan will offset the fact that as a country we have one of the most obese, sedentary, and sick populations on the planet. Until we learn to take care of ourselves, stop being sedentary, eat appropriately, exercise regularly, practice preventive care and quit breeding and passing on to the next generation serious medical problems, no health plan, Universal or otherwise, is going to stem the rising cost of healthcare.