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  • irunthe262 irunthe262 Mar 14, 2009 6:45 AM Flag

    The market was up - All hail Obama?

    Just wondering, because everyone says Obama it's his fault the market is down, so I'm not seeing the love when the market is up.

    In case you're wondering, my opinion is that micromoves (and I consider a weeklong move a micromoves) are neither the fault of the President nor because of the President's greatness.

    True, what he or someone on his staff says can quickly move the markets in the short term, but it's the long term result which determines whether the policies implemented were the right ones. Case in point:

    Jan 19, 2001 - DJIA 10,587+
    Jan 20, 2009 - DJIA 7,949+

    8 years. Negative 2,638. I guess we saw the street's referrendum on W.

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    • I hear that WAG has tried to build up their group responsible for outreach to Obama and Washington, DC generally.

    • I know that's the pledge - $200 and up. It started out to be $500 and up then $250 and up. Do you think there is any chance with this massive budget, one that takes on more debt than all the Presidents combined since Washington, that a person over $100,000 will not see additional tax? I do not think so - but, if after 4 years they don't see an increase, I will be the first to say I was wrong. I hope I'll need to admit it.

    • He said taxes on those makeing over 200K would go up. I doon't know any phamracists whjo make that much. Maybe a married pharmacist couple.

      We shouldn't jsut vote with only our wallets in mind anyway.

    • OK, help me understand this - you voted for Reagan and Bush SR - but everyone since has been Democrat? From a wallet perspective, did you think of each one of those guys that much better than the Republican?

      Now let's get to Obama - from a wallet/business perspective, he said that taxes would be increased to companies like WAG and employees with salaries as high as pharmacists. Why then vote for Obama?

    • And Bush Senior, and Clinton twice (although I REALLY liked Perot), and Gore and Kerry and Obama.

    • You never know, Ron -

      I vote my wallet, usually. That's why I voted for Reagan.

    • Dear irun,

      This post of yours tends to go along with my quote that Obama's policies will bring down the revenues of your business making it harder to make the same wages. You said earlier:

      Guess what? I'm one of those that Obama's going after.. the so called rich.. the "If you make....." crowd... Not bragging, just stating....So what? Come get it Obama! Cause if the guy down the street can actually afford to buy from my business, then I make even MORE money! Do the math.. if my tax burden increases but my revenues DOUBLE, do I make more money? of COURSE!

      I'm telling you this is a FACT - this presidents policies will actuall REDUCE income (don't know if its the first time in history) and it will DIRECTLY impact you. You give Bush credit in the next paragraph for increasing your income! My conservative views must be rubbing off a bit- I'm glad to have been helpful though I doubt you will be voting for the conservative next time around. There's hope!

    • Tai -

      I think you maybe missed a few of his speeches, particularly the one on race in Philadephia during the campaign (it's about 44 minutes long but it's a must see), and also the speech where he blistered the African American male community for not being present. I don't recall where he made that one but it was delivered from a church pulpit.

      But I think to single out the African American community is missing the big picture. For example, 27% of caucasian americans are born out of wedlock. Granted, the 72% of A-A's is by far the highest, but americans also are a very high 50%....

      What about Obama's example to americans? Wife, 2 kids.. he plays with them, reads those crappy Harry Potter books with present... that doesn't mean anything? What about when he tells the nation to read to and with your kids, turn the video games off.. be accountable... that doesn't count?

      Look, I'm just a guy that is extremely plugged into the news (it's on in my house probably 15 hours a day), and I read all day and all night long..... My wife tells me a should probably get a life, but hey, I'm happy so why change, right?



    • I Agree with you assessment. Nicely done

    • definitely a valid point and I do agree with your example.

      However, I think, and I might get in trouble for doing this, I think it was meant more in a broader sense. An overall life changing episode. I do not believe I have ever had a President that did something that radically changed my life as a whole.

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