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  • waghorsedoo.vers waghorsedoo.vers Dec 29, 2009 8:12 PM Flag

    Gouging for Dollars!

    Walgreens is clearly part of the problem/solution to rising healthcare costs.

    Now all we need is "rhyming guy" to enlighten us with humorous rhymes using the word "gouge"!

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    • 3 month supply of generic prozac with Walgreens Prescription Savings Card = $12. What a deal! Plus, get 10% off all Walgreens brand items (OTC meds, household goods,etc). Even Rogaine has a Walgreens branded version - good news for yank.

      Best yet, you get the convenience of a neighborhood pharmacy, as opposed to the two week wait from drugstore.bomb. LOL!

      Waghorsedoo??? BM must have gotten flushed AGAIN! What a loser!

    • Day after day this fool keeps on posting
      while everyone laughs and continues his roasting
      his messages fall flat and are ignored by the board
      to post so piss poorly you need a head like a gourd
      he's bitter and hateful and envious too
      his face would look right at home in the zoo
      so why do we bother to ridicule this goof
      are we hoping he tries to jump off his roof
      no we just like revealing the error of his ways
      and hope that he snaps out of his perpetual haze
      so even for Yank there's a glimmer of hope
      he doesn't have to remain this habitual dope
      he needs to stop posting and go get a job
      and lose some of that tonnage and stop dressing like a slob
      but the most important and this will come as no shock
      he needs to buy Wag and go long on their stock

    • Since you're recycling posts, I'll recycle replies:

      Wrong AGAIN, Yank!

      You make this so easy, man.....

      90 day supply of FLUOXETINE (that's the generic for prozac)... $9.99. Do a search, it's easier.

      Now, I realize that's cheaper than the 12 bucks at Walmart ($4 x 3 month supply), AND you get the professional service AND convenience of nearby Walgreens versus the well-documented Walmart experience.

      I know, man. It's really hard to be busted again by the truth police.

    • Excellent point!

    • Walmart opened its first pharmacy in 1978 and now controls $20 Billion in retail pharmacy market ownership. You can hate Walmart all you want, but they are expected to surpass CVS as #2 player in pharmacy marketshare in 2010.

      But these WAG RPH's pooh-pooh everything as benign and love to wax philosophical about how they beat down Pharmorr. In their childlike interpretation, WAG is invincible and their bloated compensation is secure.

      But a reordering market may pose a few surprises for this Pollyanna brood of pharma-geeks.

    • I don't think Walgreens takes ANY competitor for granted. I'll admit that we were a little late to counter the $4 PR, but that's been rectified. One can also argue the $4 PR was WAY TOO late to counter the tidal wave created by Medicare Part-D. Also we let expenses get a little out on control pre-2009, but that has also been corrected. No company is perfect, but to say that Walgreens simply ignores threats from the likes of Sprawl-Mart, CVS, Kroger, etc is foolish.

    • Please don't use these look alike alias'. They only confuse the issue.

      I don't blame the employees for wanting to believe in the current model, but it gets very tiresome. From an investors viewpoint, WAG looks like a channeling stock and money can be made.

    • <You can hate Walmart all you want, but they are expected to surpass CVS as #2 player in pharmacy marketshare in 2010.>

      What a pinhead! And who will be the new #3, drugstore.bomb? Yank again earns his title of BOARD MORON! LOL!

    • <The point I keep making is that WMT is able to take WAG's main product and use it as a loss leader. If this goes on for a very long term, it will overcome the convienince argument for the mass public and limit WAG's future.>

      Wrong ... you're "mass public" is currently less than 5% of Rx volume and will soon be near ZERO under Obamabcare. Here's a little nugget for you: Walmart, Costco and other big-box retaliers have offered deep discounts for cash-payers for 3+ decades. I don't think any objective person can argue that Walgreens has suffered greatly over that time period. Did their $4 scam take away a few scripts? Sure. But nothing compared to the tidal wave of seniors that shifted to convenience after Medicare-Part D .... which perhaps this year will lose the dreaded donut-hole.

    • You may be right, but I think you are being myopic.

      According to the CNBC special about UPS, they almost went out of business because they only thought the USPS was their competition. They didn't realize until it was almost too late that their real competition was FEDEX. They changed their model and are now stronger than ever.

      But, we can each have our beliefs and time will tell.

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