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  • r3inman r3inman Jan 8, 2010 11:43 AM Flag

    December Sales

    Why will January be any better? Is the economy going to get much better? Are the unemployed and the folks worried about their jobs going to start spending more?

    ....or, how about, you build some Walgreens stores in India and the Philipines, right next to the Genpact offices where you THE PHARMACY AMERICA TRUSTS are sending "your countries" jobs, so the money you are taking out of the USA can somehow, possibly come back- AND improve sales. Cause the people left without jobs sure aren't going to be shopping at Walgreens. They will start going to Walmart and the Dollar Store and Express Scripts.

    Shame on the Pharmacy that America Trusts. Have you started purchasing your pharmaceuticals from China and India yet? As one of the largest corporations in America, based exclusively in the United States, your new business strategy is treasoness. Too the gallows with Walgreens.

    And please, please change your legacy colors of RED, WHITE & BLUE to just red or black or something more appropriate.

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