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  • robbsbeach robbsbeach Mar 27, 2010 12:54 AM Flag

    Derailment of the Gravy Train

    Golee Gee. A solution to Access/Heathcare cost issues, a single nurse in a Pharmacy writing out scripts on sunday.

    We can also increase access and reduce costs by eliminating the Health Care Department and there clinics, who needs the silly information they collect anyway.
    And small private clinics without the medical structure behind them are less expensive, Right!

    "Treating" a medical issue, "ear infection",
    may not be isolated to only your child, but may be a larger problem within the community you live in.

    But we would never Know!! would we.

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    • RobbsBeach, dude, chill out. We're talking about an ear infection, not a rare virus from the Congo that will become a pandemic. The evidence is in, lots of kids get them. They also scrape their knees periodically.

      I'm just saying that having a nurse available at a clinic is cheaper than going to a full-fledged doctor, not just because the fees are lower but because people don't need to take time off work to do it. For minor things like ear infections, it makes sense.

      Kind of like the oil change places. You wouldn't go there and ask them to rebuild the motor, and you know that sometimes they'll get the plug in crooked, but most of the time they do fine and it is a lot cheaper and easier than going to the dealer every time. Also, because the dealer knows oil changes are easy, they don't put their best mechanics on it, so going there isn't always better. I've gone to a lot of doctors only to see a nurse practitioner.

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      • Nurse practitions are a valued resource,
        But like you said, you went to Your Dr's Office, "only to see one".
        You did'nt go to Jiffy lube, maybe you would have if thats where he/she was located, oh you could also get you Rx filled there,
        You just identified the next growth driver for the Community pharmacy, "Get your oil changed why you are waiting for your mail order Rx"
        I can see the bill now
        1 oil change $14.99
        1 ear infection $40.00
        1 mail order Rx $1.99

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