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  • robbsbeach robbsbeach May 20, 2010 7:36 PM Flag

    Year 2010: Where are Pharmacy's Going.

    I have my thoughts,

    But what do the other investors in this sector, see for the future
    growth for this sector.
    P&G has already weighted in, with their recent announcement.
    Medco has a limited view with their company.
    Big Pharma will they go direct to the consumer.
    Will your Doctor be your Rx supplier?

    You thoughts????
    And I dont delete posts...

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    • Rite Aid will go bankrupt. Liquidation of stores and merchandise.

      Wag will increase market share by at least another 5 % by 2011.

      Get RAD out of the way, 5 years of smooth sailing.

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      • Galiongirl:

        The Pharmacy sector is contracting?
        And the fragmentation into supermarkets,
        Discount stores, and mail order is not impacting revenue growth in this sector.

        She stated by RAD liquidation, this will benefit Walgreen, CVS, and the small chain pharmacy's. (mainly walgreens by 5%).

        Credit Swiss analysis sees growth by acquisition and remodeling as a short sighted strategy.
        "8,000 stores"

        Why was not CVS downgraded?
        Are they in control of the healthcare puck, and Walgreens is still skating to it.?