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  • cmxgen cmxgen Jun 1, 2010 11:36 PM Flag

    tgt and wmt

    they have better overall pharmacy experience.

    cvs and wag had convenience but with 90 day prescriptions coming into the picture, i can see a shift to this medium.

    over the weekend went to 3 downtown chicago stores only to see purchases of water, candy, etc the small stuff.....whereas tgt pharmacy was busy??

    i think when consumers are given a choice they may prefer big box because the overall experience is better. i think a wag exec had said they could double profitability if everyone bought one extra item, this stands true for big box, they have better impulse deals. Now with tgt selling food, it becomes more attractive to shop here.

    WAG is a dinosaur, i bet sales start to hurt this Q, note put interest in JUNE 31.

    CVS is sneaky, therefore they will do fine.

    RAD none out here so cant comment, but heard they were giving up to 4, $25 dollar gifts cards.

    TGT WMT i see taking a bite out of the overall market leaders CVS and WAG. WAG being impacted the most.

    MHS, ESRX, SXCI, will outperform.

    Also note there are new and emerging modes of dispensing from certain 3rd parties.....

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    • out here seeing Docs with own pharmacies, carry only what they prescribe.

      also seeing hospitals do their own RXs.

    • E-script will change the retail landscape, and possibly make large central fill operations even bigger for maintenance medications.
      The large PBM's with CF operations may sell to the independent drug store, offering lower costs and overnight deliver to independents allowing them to compete with the largest of chain drug stores is one outcome in this industry.

      Insurer's may direct your Rx to where you will be shopping after the Dr's

      Rx Vending machines are already being designed and explored.

      And Retail drug store chains, management, do not publicly address these issues that are starting to emerge.
      In England I have read you can pick up a script at a gas station.
      I personally don't know if this is true, but today you can get your Rx filled in a supermarket, consumer retail store, and yes even at one car wash.

      Convenience and Rx costs are controlled by the payer.