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  • cmxgen cmxgen Jun 7, 2010 5:37 PM Flag

    4.5B from CVS, is 11% OF wag RX REVENUE

    wag does about 64 percent rx and 36 front store....
    since this is RX we are talking about, the number is closer to 11% of WAG RX revenue.

    I would imagine with these guys going to CVS, WAG will lose some front store as well.

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    • What the hell are these idiots thinking? Sounds like somebody's ego got hurt and they are putting a gun to the shareholders' heads.

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      • I never understood the relationship between WAG and shareholders. I have attended several share holder meetings at the pier here in Chicago, but never saw the relationship. The shareholders who actually made money held from the 80s to 2000 or so, but anyone after that really didnt make any money. I might be wrong but I dont see shareholder in this. The key problem with WAG is they cant progress, very one dimensional thinking. The promote from within culture does not work. Outsiders cant come in and change the mentality of this company. CVS ran over them the last 10 years. Caremark was 2 miles from WAG HQ and they didnt see it. Chicago was all WAG, and now CVS is all over the place here, a company with no debt could have taken some on to build out more stores but didnt? O well, ESRX, MHS, and even SXCI will all benefit.