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  • robbsbeach robbsbeach Jun 14, 2010 11:49 PM Flag

    Walgreen to Honor Existing CVS Caremark Terms

    This Executive group at walgeens is something else.

    Communication & negotiation skills.. ???

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    • Strategic planning is worthless-unless there is a strategic vision.

      John Nasisbitt, Megatrends, 1984

      So I am willing to watch, and I am always learning what not to do.
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    • "Watch and Learn!"


    • "The market doesn't reward qualities that are not scarce"

      Mark A Johnson.

    • robbsbeach

      This is not a change in what Walgreens originally said. Remember, WAG said they would no longer participate with Caremark with any new or renewed contracts. They stated they would continue to service the current customers.

      Caremark said they would pull all customers on July 9. (This after they said WAG was not thinking of the customer, hypocrites)

      WAG is simply reiterating that they are willing to continue to service Caremark customers until their current contract runs out. Essentially pointing out to everyone, that it if on July 9 you can not longer get your script at WAG, it is Caremark's fault, not WAG's.

      • 1 Reply to bananarug7
      • Bananarug7:

        Walgreens 1st made it clear thru a Press release that they would no longer do business with Caremarks PBM after expiration of current contracts,
        Unless Walgreens terms were met.

        If you think this public announcement would not effect CVS/Caremarks client relationships, than why do a public announcement??

        Walgreens latest misstep, by going outside of the Walgreens Cvs/Caremark dispute
        and bringing the benefit advisor's into Walgreens problem (loss of contracts) with CVS/Caremark was ill advised.

        Caremark stated that they would end the contractual relationship on July 9th
        where law applies and this is the issue that Walgreens needs to deal with.

        Do you really think PBM's are going to disappear, These issue effects all PBM's that in the future may want to buy a Specialty pharmacy or real distribution network, it also shows PBM's that walgreens current actions could be used against them in a dispute.

        There is a old saying, when you have dug yourself into a hole... stop digging.