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  • robbsbeach robbsbeach Jun 30, 2010 12:28 AM Flag

    122+ Thousand, Bid at 25+

    Not a Good sign,

    However, recent employment job cuts (inside information) being leaked on this board may turn the downward trend positive, Or is this a Non News Release as was suggested in Mid June.
    And a contracted settlement was reached and details would not be discussed in the conference call

    Perhaps a straddle at this point is a good option?

    StanleyandMorgan whats you view on this direction..I believe I heard another poster say, who made money, 25+.

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    • StanleyandMorgan doesn't understand straddles. You know that. He thinks it's not possible to have both a put and a call.... in fact, he compared that to betting the pass and the don't pass line in Vegas (where I won big this past March (thanks Gonzaga), had a great time, thanks....gave me a fantastic room at the Wynn...but I digress.....)

      Dow ultimately could go to 9000. Or lower...Gitters in the economy. Capital Gains.

      If the market falls, so will WAG. I'm a buyer at 25, but I am buying in in small increments. That means I may buy a bit at 25, some more at 23, some more at 27 when it pops up a little.

      I am holding the protective puts I bought before earnings (which make my entire holdings in WAG worth at MINIMUM 31)... thinking about exercising the options at expiration and paying the capital gains.

      Time to start thinking about tax implications of my portfolio and pay the 15% CGT since it's about to reset to the higher tax rate.

      Think about that.. if everyone sells off to secure the lower CGT, what will happen to the market?

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      • Run

        You made two very good points going into a Holiday weekend.

        The CGT, I agree will be discussed during this weekends beach-side barbecues.
        And the the Dow is showing less than a Strong trend going into a hot summer.

        Today I think many investors are getting ready for a long weekend, this may result in a slow trading day.
        If not, next week may give a better direction.

        Good luck today.