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  • cmxgen cmxgen Jul 19, 2010 3:05 PM Flag

    Open Q & A for Greg Wasson

    greg's response to ure question...

    Whats a take care clinic? I thought it was minute clinic thats where the wife goes!!

    who is this zavada guy? just an fyi the whole pbm business is shady. Its all about kickbacks.

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    • a take care clinic is walgreen's version of CVS's minute clinic.
      as far as im concern its not doing that great.
      this is just my observation as an employee of the tucson region.

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      • Take Care Clinics in the Tucson area, which are being developed from the ground up by Walgreens, are "cleaning the clock" of the Minute Clinics that CVS bought from Cub Foods, a Minnesota grocer, who started them in 2000, when they were called Quick MedX. They are about the size of a broom closet then and still are in comparison to the Take Care Clinics developed by Walgreens. I work in the Tuscon area and if you are an "employee of the tucson region", which I seriously doubt, you need to pull your head out and tell the truth. Most likely you are just another lying ID of the worthless poster known as flushed Yank and the idea that his "observation" is worth anything is just laughable! ROTFLMAO!

    • Gregory D. Wasson, CEO
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      Wade D. Miquelon, CFO/Exec. VP
      Jeffrey J. Zavada, Chief Sales Officer/VP