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  • robbsbeach robbsbeach Aug 5, 2010 12:21 AM Flag

    What Happened to Walgreen's?

    Kevin Walgreens left..

    That speaks volumes about family values..

    Good luck..

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    • U are a fool who knows nothing about the situation of Kevin leaving. He was forced out plain and simple. Do you think the board members that were replaced right after that left because they wanted to also?? Intercompany hostile takeover. Fact is Wasson padded the board with "yes" men and gonna be hard for him to be upseated unlesss.....he keeps going down this road which he tied his wagon to. Stock to low 20's this year I suspect.

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      • Truth: The so called loyal employees of this co were taking advantage of inept prior management and suckling at the titty of this pig far too long and milked this sucker dry.

        What happened to Walgreens? Takeover by far superior executives from the outside have pulled the titty away. Now all the little piglets are squealing! What else has happened at Walgreens? They are finally tuned into their stockholders and the investment community rather than being held hostage by the squealing little piglets.

        The louder the squealing the more I'm buying!

      • "U are a fool who knows nothing about the situation of Kevin leaving. He was forced out plain and simple."

        I was in Deerfield not too long ago(300 not 200) and saw Kevin Walgreen, who is EMPLOYED BY THE WALGREEN COMPANY and still a Vice President, so why don't you get your story straight FOR ONCE! He is still with the Walgreen company and our stock will be $50, LONG BEFORE $20, so go get some accurate facts to form a reasonably intelligent opinion and then try posting again when you won't sound so ignorant! Your IGNORANCE is almost Yank-like! ROTFLMAO!

    • He did leave, extremely angry but came back about 5 months later. All about politics and company reputation.