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  • irunthe262 irunthe262 Aug 15, 2010 12:10 PM Flag

    WHO: H1N1 pandemic over

    Thank goodness the H1N1 is included in the regular flu shot this year.

    Thank you, Walgreens.

    Oh, and hey, before you post, research, bro, ok?

    Didn't you listen to management when they said it would take some time to merge DR with Walgreens?

    How much time did you give them? Less than one quarter.

    Wow. You're a patient chap, aren't you?

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    • My point was about growing new core earnings, not merging it, of course cost savings should occur over time.

      As for Buying the dips and rips, will you share your insite in the Sept. earnings outlook ??

      Is this a permanent or temporary speculative play?

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      • I don't have any more insight than the next guy, as far as earnings go. I follow closely, though.

        My gut tells me that there will be a quarter much like the last. We saw July numbers relatively flat. Good versus the competitive set, but still flat.

        DR's integration will boost revenues but will drag on profitability for the near term.

        We saw last quarter that retailers in general are struggling, consumer confidence is down, and I think we will see a general market pullback in the next month or two as election season heats up, particularly if it looks like the Bush tax cuts will not be extended post election day.

        Remember, October is historically a horrible month for the stock market, and September isn't much better. WAG tends to mirror the market, and is a retailer, after all.

        Of course, I could be completely wrong. I'm neither buying nor selling here. I'll buy more if we see a dip below 25. Jult my opinion.

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