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  • southbuckeye southbuckeye Sep 17, 2010 12:53 PM Flag


    Is a bounce from just under 27 to 29 all we can expect from a stock with a 52 week high of 40? What is the underlying problem that large investors are seeing in WAG?

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    • Big Yank: Do you think selling has occured(other than the $2.00 rise) because with WAG's recent spree of buying things that they will miss earnings because of "one time expenses" that usually go along with trying to buy things? It's one explanation for what has been going on recently. And please leave Timmy for" South Park". Thanks.

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      • First, your message should be correctly directed to BLG.YANK not BIG.YANK, since the imitator hoodwinked you, exactly as ivan intended. But I'll not stand on ceremony...

        WAG's recent S/P has risen with the S&P. On less than meaningful volume. It has nothing to do with upcoming earnings.

        I do believe WAG will miss, big time, on earnings on 9/28. And, no, I do not believe it will be one time charges relating to acquisitions. It will be because WAG's business plan is failing.

        There is a reason why all posts that mention mail-order, reduced reimbursements, Canadian pharmacy and price gouging by Walgreens get routinely deleted on tbhis message board. Just like this message will either disappear or be buried by volumes of worthless, ivan-grams designed only to keep investors from knowing the TRUTH about Walgreens disgraceful weakness in the retail pharmacy space.

        The one thing ivan hasn't figured out, yet, is how to expunge Walgreens SEC-reported metrics from the public record. But fear not, I'm sure he is working on some under-handed way to block the truth from viewing by investors. Hey, maybe "There's a way..."



    • southbuckeye (why don't you change your ID to timid.timmy), I am glad you asked me that question. Big Yank has you covered. The reason that it is stuck at $29 is that there are too many timid investors like us in the stock market that are afraid of our own shadows and want to wait until the Wag profits are reported. The fact that the stock price has gone up two bucks recently on not much news means that most people in the know are expecting 44 cents+ on reporting day. If we wait until the profits are reported the ship will have sailed and we will not be on it but that is the story of my life. I still have some DSCM to sell before it hits 99 cents and I find that a dry diaper makes everything seem much better in the world.