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  • ivan.paduski ivan.paduski Oct 1, 2010 4:48 PM Flag

    A sucker born every minute

    "Morgan Stanley upgraded WAG. Less than a month ago"

    Then why did you post a downgrade from 2 1/2 YEARS AGO and tried to pass it off as "recent"?

    "when WAG was at 26 and change"

    WOW, since Wag closed at $33.68 TODAY, it must be ON FIRE!

    "Anyone paying attention to Morgan Stanley today is being foolish."

    Not as foolish as someone PAYING ATTENTION TO YOU!

    "You don't make money by waiting for a stock to go up 25% in less than a month and then buying it"

    YOU don't make money PERIOD! Examples: DSCM at purchase price of $3.50, CVS at purchase price of $37.50, WalMart at purchase price of well over $50!


    Did I forget to mention southbuckeye=yank!


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    • Yank; Our friend from Poland thinks I am you. Shall we let him persist in his delusion? I'm sure Walgreens could sell him a potion allowing him to come to his senses,don't you think. If he bought enough to actually cure him, WAG revenues would soar and his dreams might actually come to fruition.