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  • klein1028 klein1028 Oct 19, 2010 5:30 PM Flag

    CFO is a drunk and should be fired

    An embarrassment to the company and of questionable integrity. Needs to be gone before he kills someone!

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    • Agreed. It cannot be ignored which appears to be what is happening. The public awaits !

    • I second that motion.

    • beetleruss Oct 28, 2010 7:40 PM Flag

      I'm surprised that the Walgreens Company would keep someone of such questionable character as CFO. Is there some shortage of qualified and talented CFO's???

    • Surely if he thinks responding to the subject line of a thread are your words, then the avatar he chooses are a reflection of his lifestyle.

      Good job, Yank. And welcome back, horsedoo....nice dress.

    • Time to man up, there, wussie-boy. Time to confess that you lied about earnings per share and now you continue to lie about it. You challenged my assertion that Walgreens employed a gambit to kite earnings PER SHARE via an accelerated share buy back. You said the buy back had no impact. But it did. Didn't it, "runs"?

      Walgreens employed a shabby and highly questionable PLOY to skew Q4 numbers. And no amount of subterfuge by you or the ivan-ettes can prevent the truth contained in the recent 10K from seeing the light of day.



    • Truth is, WAG made their numbers with hard work, and good management - two things that are unfamiliar to you.

      Truth is, I commented on revenue, a concept completely foreign to you.

      Truth is, had you implemented the trading strategy I suggested, you too would have made a boatload at earnings, instead of losing your shirt (127,000 naked short, remember??)

      So, since you made the wrong call, it MUST be somebody else's problem - not yours, right?

      Maybe the DR acquisition was a great deal, after all, but you'd never admit that, right?

      Yep, Walgreens is the worst money making operation under the sun! Those horrible executives in in Deerfield just keep on making us shareholders cash, quarter after quarter, year after year, through recession and in good times, too. How dare they!!

      Ah, Yank, you're truly one of a kind, and not in a good way, either. You're lack of understanding of all things business is so obvious.

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    • Precisiely 10 years ago, October closing in 2000, on a share adjusted price, WAG closed at $42.03.

    • In the same approximate 10 year cycle I bought AMZN for $10 and sold at an average $135.





    • Not really, 'cause I took all my dot com winnings (I sold it all on Dec 31, 1999) and invested about 50K in about 10...

      Figure it out....hater

    • Sure thing, there Aesop. But I digress.

      So you claim to own all that Apple stock you bought at $10? But you don't post on the AAPL message board. Only on the WAG message board. 24/7.

      But I will admit AAPL has been a better investment than Walgreens over the last decade. So has AMZN, Or just about most anything else.

      Why do you keep pumping, defending and lying about Walgreens to cover up its crumby investment performance?



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