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  • robbsbeach robbsbeach Nov 12, 2010 7:25 PM Flag

    Walgreens *Magic*

    Vision of this companies plan?? Really this is the lucky LOSERS CLUB and they want more.more.and more.

    SEC filing 11/10/2010, Deferred compensation

    The purpose of the Plan is to permit a SELECT group of management or Highly compensated employees of the Company and its participating subsidiaries (collectively referred to herein as the “Company”) to DEFER the receipt of income which would otherwise become payable to them and to provide additional benefits through crediting of interest.

    This SMALL thinking group of employee's not only receives a large part of there income from taxpayers money (Medicare, Medicaid and Welfare Food Stamps), Now they don't even want to pay income taxes on a part of this income..

    There is a way...and this is not it..

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    • Misdirection is one of he the magicians,secrets. like the misdirection in D/R losses or
      the misdirection of TRC unsolicited mini tender offer just before filing with the SEC executive compensation changes.

      I can not prove that these events where manipulated by anyone, but it seems strange that Walgreens waited until to the last day
      of this mini tender offer before releasing this news.
      In addition this company did not release the offerings letter, which I have seen on-line, (a in-kind offering to another company).
      Not being a lawyer, my take is the TRC offering has enough escape clauses that you could sail the entire US Naval fleet through it, which made this a non-event.

      Manipulation and Misdirection tend to go hand in hand in a Magic Show..

      I waiting for something to disappear, maybe the PBM is the next act.

    • To the Walgreens Characters, are you having fun yet.

      CMXgen: Do you care to post about the sec filing??

      How about you Yank?