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  • big.yank big.yank Dec 6, 2010 8:16 PM Flag

    Revenue growth...

    ... but WAG can;t grow profits.

    The only thing that consistently goes up is SGA... and Executive Compensation.



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    • Sales grew by $8 Billion over two FY's while income declined.

      That is PATHETIC.

      Walgreens Income Staement confirms it.

      Post facts to refute this or crawl back into your hole!



    • They can't even grow potatoes in yvan's trailer park.

    • Poor, ignorant Yank gets another thrashing from one of his intellectual superiors (which are numerous), in this case jramp20032000, due to his poor posting prowess and general lack of education and knowledge to help him figure out the difference between a great company like Walgreens and a money losing fraud like DSCM or jokes like CVS and wmt. Even with his head wedged firmly up his posterior so he couldn't hear or see his embarrassment, Yank HAS to realize what a fool he is making of himself! Yank, do you think that switching to another ID like ivan_starmypost or robbsbeach would mask your flabby investing skills, imaginary portfolio and lower intelligence? Unfortunately they still come through loud and clear and make you look so pitiful, forlorn and loser-like, that I once again repeat my advice to you which is GET SOME EDUCATION, not just in investing, but in overall general knowledge. Here is your link that you need, .There is no "shorting" by you, there is no "investing" by you and there is no reason for you to be here! Save yourself the embarrassment and save us the trouble of having to "correct" you constantly and just don't post. That way you will still be an idiot, but no one else will have to know! JMHO!

    • His family must be proud. Do you think he will tell them?

    • Another BEAT DOWN for robbsbeach who spells just like Yank, needs everything repeated over and over and over again just like Yank, uses the word "sparky" just like Yank and kirstiesphatpharm and just about every incompetent bashing ID on the CVS board(not the outstanding ones like heymannhmm who actually have a brain)! Ya think there might be a connection with all of these illiterate and incompetent IDs like maybe they are all one odious poster by the name of Yank?


    • You just pick out random words and string them together, don't you?

      Here's an idea.

      Why don't you go get a parent or an older sibling and try to communicate your bizarre thoughtless ideas to them.

      Maybe, once they quit laughing, they can formulate some sort of coherent, readable sentence structure for you.

      You STILL won't have a point, but at least it won't be so frustrating to whomever tries to decipher your nonsense.

      PS I enjoyed your "where where" quite a lot.

    • You are about as intelligent as the mushrooms you thrive in.

      Convenience is Walgreens buzz word, Cost and price is the story of success can you say the word W-A-L-M-A-R-T.
      Raising food and discretionary buys in this Economy is short sighted.

      Yes.. Medco and Express Scripts where where they 100 years ago..
      Sorry.. Sparky you just don't get it you would be better off pumping Petsmart and the Ivan the pet Troll.. next years Walgreens exclusive.

      I would guess in the next two years Dollar General enters the Rx market..
      And this market becomes more and more fragmented..

    • Revenue Growth is at an all time high.


      "And on the restructuring front, Walgreens executives at Analyst Day said the Rewiring for Growth initiative is on course to meet its goal of $1 billion in savings in fiscal 2011."

      "In reporting its fiscal 2010 earnings in late September, Walgreens told analysts that its net benefit from Rewiring during the year came in above the company's initial target."


      Walgreen November revenue surpasses expectations

      Let me know if there is anything else you have no clue about, and I'll help you out.

      • 1 Reply to jramp20032000
      • "Revenue Growth is at an all time high".

        Perhaps we can help you out here Sparky..
        1) 65+ % of Walgreens revenue comes from Health insurance companies paying for prescriptions.You need to read my post about B/C B/S problems in Connecticut and excessive Rx costs.
        2) Walgreens already stated they increased there profit margins on retail and food product's.
        3) A 1+ billion cash reserve asset that was spent on Duane Reade was to increase income revenue 3+ years out.. Now that asset showed up on the income statement.
        4) 25 year capital lease expenses are not recorded as a long term debt. but soon will be..
        5) Properties that walgreens stock holders owned have been sold off and leased back under these 25+ year leases.
        Welcome to the Magic Show..

        Yank SouthBuck,CMX and others will add to this list so you can share it with your Analyst.