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  • big.yank big.yank Feb 18, 2011 8:39 PM Flag

    Britney Spears nails Walgreens: "It stinks in here!"

    Tough love from the pop diva that just intro'd a hot new album and music video.

    "Walgreens stinks!" That is a message that is sure to resonate as Walmart is sooooooooooo much better and cheaper in pharmacy goods and prescriptions.

    Tata, Walgreens, it's been real but it's time for you to go. Like Blockbuster. Like Borders. Too much "willy nilly" store growth with NO plan to grow profits. Any swinging "D" can give stuff away to grow revenue, but it takes a businessperson to make more profit on all those incremental sales.

    Walgreens grew revenue by $8 billion... yes, $8 BILLION.. over the last 2 FY's. And WAG actually, remarkably, made LESS income than had they stood pat and not made all those VERY EXPENSIVE acquisitions in clinics, home infusion and Duane Reade. That said, it also becomes readily apparent that Walgreens existing drug store strategy... more "Willy Nilly" store count growth... fails to deliver any enhanced income from which shareholders might benefit.


    ... Walgreens said it would slow store growth, then just bought more competitors. They lied.

    ... Walgreens said clinics were the future... so where are the added profits from "the future"?

    ...Walgreens said home infusion would be accretive to earnings... so where are the broken out results?

    It SUCKS to be a loser. Especially when the losing cycle extends to a DECADE, or more, of shareholder disappointment.

    DUMP this disease and buy some equity you will be proud to admit you own, five years from now. Or, just hold for another decade and lose most of your money.

    You decide what to do.



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    • Blockbuster founded 1985. Borders founded 1971. Wal-Mart founded 1962. Walgreens founded 1901. After 110 years of successful business operation there are still people like you who fail to recognize greatness when it stands before them. Wal-Mart is also a great company. They are both leaders in their fields and have management capable of adapting to change.

    • Well, you almost got it right.

      Just kidding, you got nothing right:-)

      The first quarter profits WAG just turned in are the highest they have ever been in ANY first quarter, going all the way back to 1901.

      If you have proof to the contrary, let's see it.

      Now, you say that they can't compare with a previous years DIFFERENT quarter, so what?

      Wall Street doesn't compare a Veterans Day Shopping Event with a Christmas Shopping Event.

      Now, moving on to the January Sales Record.

      Walgreens' January Sales have never, ever been higher, going all the way back to 1901.

      If you have proof to the contrary, let's see it.

      They FAR exceeded analysts' estimates, as did first quarter profits.

      Now, if you want to discuss the collapse of Walmart, that will be no problem.

      How many YEARS has it been since WalMart had a positive SS comp?

      Case Closed?


      You seem to be addicted to this 5 year thing.

      How would you like for me to post about 9 other WAG-WMT comps charts that prove how WAG stock has kicked WMT's buttocks.

      Just let me know, it will be no problem.

      And if you need refresher links to all the Walgreens Sales and Profit Records, just let me know. I thought that I had posted them repeatedly, but evidently you missed them.

      Have a great evening :-)

    • Of course he (you) know(s) all the subterfuges.

      Record sales with diminished earnings.

      Lower dividends than Walmart.

      Much poorer 5 year chart for share price than Walmart.

      Growing store count and market share... just like Blockbuster and Borders enjoyed, before collapsing.

      Record SGA.

      Lower share price since forever than both Walmart, and even its own share price of just a few years ago.

      And LIARS like YOU pumping the piggie, 24/7, in desperate hopes that their free option and "Share Walgreens" stock, for which they paid little-to-nothing has some miraculous rise and they can cash out, leaving outsiders "holding the bag" yet another time.

      What a disgrace!

      Britney was right. "This place stinks!"

    • Smells like somebody had the "runs" in there.

    • I wonder if he knows about Walgreens Record Sales, Record Earnings, Record Dividends, Record Market Share, Record Customer Counts, Record Stock Price, etc, etc, etc......

    • Nah, he doesn't even know Jack!

    • Big Yank:

      Britney heard that Walgreens has a Cookie Jar that they received from D/R.
      And with all the Bathroom Buzz she thought that it was hidden in the Bathroom..

      She is on a Cookie Jar Hunt and there is no stopping a Woman who wants to find a Sugar fix..

      I hope you had a great Valentines day trade..

    • OOOH! Toilet talk!

      Later tater!