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  • big.yank big.yank Apr 1, 2011 11:54 PM Flag

    Much apparent ado about Walgreens entering Canada!

    In times like these, when hungry investors want to discern the truth about opportunities or issues in the "Rexall-land, North of the Border"... there is only one prudent course of action. Let's do the smart thing... the right thing... let's issue a call for help from the ONE that will truly know!

    Kanuk_PQ... "Calling Kanuk_PQ"... can your hear us? Please come in. Your insight is crucial. We are awaiting your response!

    Hope you will hear our plea for guidance.

    Your friend,


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    • Rexall-land, heading North of the board are Clueless about their feeding grounds.

      A smarter predator has just arrived and the slow footed decisions like the DSCM purchase is about to find out
      that its lunch ground and marketing plans are about to experience a upcoming meteoric event..
      Wallstreets better look up to, because this will impact many Co's. estimates in the 2012 outlook.


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      • "the slow footed decisions like the DSCM purchase"

        You must be talking about that poorly run company Amazon since Walgreens beat them to the punch and purchased the even MORE poorly run DSCM from right under their noses! LOL!

        If you are talking REALLY SLOW, you can only be talking about yourself Yank and we are happy to see you leave the U.S. and emigrate! You will still be an idiotic oaf even in Canada though! Eh?


    • Well, you've gone from disgruntled, bitter sour-puss to cartoonish buffoon.

      What's next?


      Walgreens is THE GOLD STANDARD

      Record Sales

      Record Earnings

      Record Dividends

      Record Acquisitions

      Record Customer Counts

      Record Market Share

      Record "On Sale" Share Prices



    • How could I know anything more than you do since I AM YOU! I have to go back to the ward since the nurses get very angry if we use the computers after "lights out"! I hate McDonalds, CVS and walmart but I now LOVE WALGREENS!