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  • robbsbeach robbsbeach Apr 14, 2011 12:39 AM Flag

    Walgreens Next Purchase:

    Big.Yank brought up a Excellent point about SG&A costs and M&A's that can dilute operational costs.

    Will the next Walgreens Buy be in the Clinical Business?

    The automation fill supply?

    More patient Files?

    Or the E-commerce space?

    We know PBM are out or will they try a Speciality Pharmacy Play?

    Could be worth Money if we guess correctly..

    DSCM is History, so post your thoughts and lets weight the options..

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    • stevez24 Feb 5, 2012 2:38 PM Flag

      you hit this one correctly.

    • robbsbeach,

      Still very long WMT and RAD. Also high-yield mReits. Took a position this week in CLNE and CHK. Out of gold, still holding lottsa cash. Hava plans though...


    • big.yank

      Directional shift for Walgreens, away from SG&A B&M holdings.
      but, I don't see the rabbit yet.

      225M + 409M Dscm = clicks w/o bricks.

      DSCM cost = 629M for a voyage with Columbus searching for new trade route with existing crew.

      16 compounding Pharmacies,
      holding-out at the Alamo waiting for AID and Care.

      And a Sushi Cart..

      big.yank, are you also still holding RAD.

    • There's more, guys. Check out the McKesson news today and their buy out of Canada's The Medicine Shoppe from The Katz Group. I actually thought WAG might take a run at Katz. Then, again, maybe that is still in the cards since the MCK deal involves the indies.

      Lots cooking!


    • Cmxgen;

      Excellent shot, I think you are holding the record for the longest distant in hitting a target..

      Jerry, is a member of this Board and saw the writing on the Wall at Bios.
      Buy-out at 170 million cash,
      /CEO former employee of Option care.

    • Robb we called this one!

    • Nice.....

    • marathon.man262 marathon.man262 Apr 15, 2011 11:25 PM Flag

      "Sorry about my written draft being posted."

      This post didn't deserve to see the light of day ONCE but to have this pile of monkey puke posted twice is outrageous! Not even an investor in Walgreens but to waste our time by even posting here is also an outrage! Sober up, smarten up and dry up!

      Squeaky yank or robbsbeach or whatever ID out of 100 you happen to be using! Learn to speak English instead of posting nonsensical messages that are in "Moron-speak"! You are about the biggest pile of horse crap that I have ever seen posting on a message board and the quality of your posts show just how clever and witty you are, which is to say NOT AT ALL! Everyone is laughing at you and I also hope you get all excited when you read this so you can soil even more of your Depends, which will make you will stink even worse than usual just like your posts do, which incidentally is how a pervert like you should go through life!


      Now the REAL issue! Perhaps robbsbeach, the trailer court troll, will grow a brain or stop drinking heavily before posting or go to night school and learn the English language or take a course in coherent composition or stop trying to put a bunch of lame, nonsensical ideas into a blender and hit the frappe button or quit being proud of his illiteracy........

      Or perhaps not..

      I think it is STILL safe to go with perhaps not and I don't foresee it EVER changing!

      LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! Tata!

    • Sorry about my written draft being posted.

      I found the next Buy for Walgreens,
      Mex Med's, and I know that Walgreens has experience in this market...

      This is from there new Web announcement.
      "Welcome to the "NEW" Medsmex! We have re-structured our entire operations and are excited to let our customers know that we have teamed up with a licensed Pharmacy within Mexico, which will allow us access to many more products and we have established a "brick and mortar" presence within Mexico, which enables us to have ONE office for both shipping and customer service from our licensed Mexico pharmacy".

      For stock purchases in this company contact this IPO is limited.
      Will Walgreens be a major buyer here maybe.
      Abracada, I just lowered SG&A costs.


    • CMXgen.

      That is the Way all Executives
      justify pay and work, Mailing letters and attending fund raisers>>

      You see when you are flying at 35,000 feet it is to difficult to walk the street and understand what potential is available in a market.
      It is easer to meet with several sellers and let them explain it to you.

      This Quote will explain it " There are usually 10 of us on the plane , In the morning its like a flying office, on the way home it a flying Honor Bar."

      India's will be bought that I don't question, but the need for SG&A Reduction is what Wall-street needs to factor in its stock valuation projections.
      Time/Money value thing.
      Wall-street bets and hedges the market,
      Like Vegas, it has been called the Devils Casino.
      And Walgreens is only one chip that Wall-street sells., CVS is another and EXRX is also.

      Looking for Automation in Specialty with Low operational costs and a very high reimbursement structure, Would fit the criteria. IMHO..
      But so would going off-shore and paying for the law changes about re-importation.
      Having some experience in this, the lawyers are most likely working on a way that finial low cost assembly occurs in the US, there by complying with the law without the Spirit.

      This leaves me to look at a Large Buy,
      with low operational costs, The Bio's of the Executives at Walgreens shows one thing, they all have experience in the Retail Drug Store business.
      The one Expectation is the CFO, who tends to indulge in out of the box thinking, ex. DSCM to name one.

      Walgreens directional shift has already been announced.. with the introduction of 90 day fills, I think they even have some name for it..
      So looking at Walgreens and it immediate major competitor what direction would you look into..
      Perhaps, Big.Yank would like to add his input on the potential off-shore redistribution or re-importation and the war on SG&A spend.


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