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  • irunthe262 irunthe262 May 16, 2011 3:56 PM Flag

    Upward Mojo Gone

    Since you made your BOLD prediction - that WAG's upward mojo gone - WAG has done NOTHING BUT go up.

    Had you purchased on April 27, 2011, instead of posting your garbage, you would have bought at 42.88.

    Right now, roughly 13 trading sessions later, you would have been licking your chops at the roughly 5% increase you would have realized.

    13 trading days!! How many times do you have to be wrong and try to swim upstream before you go with the flow and float to easy profits??!!

    Oh, and about your post - It stands to reason that WAG will benefit from more expensive gas. How so? Because instead of getting in their car and driving to Walmart, people will go to their neighborhood retailer. And Walgreens is known to be within 3 miles of just about every household in the USA!

    If you don't think this is a good strategy, why is Walmart replicating it?

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