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  • jay_chicago jay_chicago Jul 25, 2011 1:13 PM Flag

    PBM merger and WAG

    I juat read an artical by a knowledgable analyst on the pending merger of the big PBMs, and the need to get their merger approved by the FTC. Here's what he had to say about Express Script's current fight with WAG:

    "As an aside, with the FTC scrutiny ahead, I expect this dispute to be resolved favorably for WAG."

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    • O.K. Here's the deal! Walgreens is arrogant, a cash cow and think they are the only game in town. Hello- game over. Now you have to play fair, along with everyone else. Pharmacy is entering a new era of which no single chain has control over. Control is ultimately with the consumer. Like gas and electricity, I believe the destiny is regulation. So tighten your seat belt, prepare to change course, and brush up on regulation law. Investors, hold tight.

    • This analyst seems to be drinking Walgreens koolaid...

      in a past life i conversed with street analysts, take with a grain of salt. he probably just finished talking to IR @ WAG.

      Its favorable for WAG because they have 2 scenarios, 1. walk away and lose 35 to 40% of prescription volume 2.) take lower reimbursements

    • He's guessing like anyone else. In either case, ESRX/MHS deal will be huge. WAG will slowly fade away. WAG will be another small fish in the big pond.