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  • cmxgen cmxgen Aug 19, 2011 12:19 PM Flag

    i see new WMT locations in Chicago

    Take a look at Presidential Towers in Chicago.
    They have a WMT coming there.

    Robb google search this because the WMT store will be on the ground floor of a skyscraper. Seems different than WMT style.

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    • Now that is Convenience in the Food desert Wave.

      Retail strategy has always been a strong point with Walmart.
      If they install a Insurance Kiosk let me know, that would be a game changer for revenues going forward.
      A one stop shop for Auto, Housing, Medical Coverage and food and drugs.
      An interesting idea but it did not workout to well for SEARS

      I quess we will soon hear that Walgreens intends to open a location in a Chicago high rise also.
      Is their anyone left that understands
      this business, To many MBA/consultants and too few Shop keepers, like yourself.

      Did you read UNH patient outcome results on M/O vs Bricks and Motar.
      A wake up Call, that i hope you are addressing.

      Whats your view on the Anouncement on AAC for the Independents vs CDS.

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      • Whats your view on the Anouncement on AAC for the Independents vs CDS.

        Independents have very good control of costs and will make more money than working retail. Avg is still almost 300K annual. Even with lower rates, independents will have to go out and market more.

        Keep in mind this:
        1.) everyone knows acquisition cost
        2.) everyone knows reimbursement cost
        the struggle is how much money retail vs pbm should be made.

        Publicly traded companies will face top line loss as more generics come out, but they are also facing bottom line pressure with lower reimbursement rates. Independents can and will survive, whereas Retailers will have to consolidate stores, decrease SGA, to make forecasts.

        An interesting concern for WAG/CVS is WMT/TGT evolution/commitment into pharma business. As WMT/TGT enter urban areas, their pharma business will grow at the expense of WAG/CVS.

        I have an interview with a part D company.....I will entertain to get a feel for what is going on out there. I wouldnt leave owning a shop unless SVP or better position. Money is really good in pharma.