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  • crnxgen crnxgen Sep 5, 2011 2:47 PM Flag

    Filling a prescription on time

    Let's see if I got this straight. You can't get your moneywise card from Western Union to work according to your wishes so you are mad at Western Union, the Bank of America is foreclosing on your house and it's THEIR fault and now Walgreens allegedly can't fill your prescription fast enough for you so you are mad at them. The common denominator in all of this turmoil seems to be YOU, so it is easy to see where the problem really is. If you were to ask me to fill your scrip at my independent drugstore and you complained like this I would probably have to throw you out in the gutter after slapping your face and laughing at you. You got off easy at Walgreens! JMHO!

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    • crnxgen has appropriately summed up how many Walgreens employees seem to address customer problems.

      First, explain that other companies may be worse than Walgreens. This is like a line from the Adam Lambert song: "What do you want from me?"

      Second, draw an analogy to another discredited company like Bank of America to contrast that the customer's inability to pay a mortgage and be foreclosed on somehow excuses Walgreens inability to procure medicine needed to fill an Rx over weeks time. This is reminiscent of the Del Shannon song: "Runaway."

      Third, the ultimate Walgreens strategy for problem resolution: BLAME THE CUSTOMER, ridicule the customer and tell the customer they are lucky to have gotten any service at all because they are a subhuman undesirable. This is similar to the title of the John Denver song: "Fly Away!"

      It's a corporate manifesto unparalleled in the history of retailing: "LET THEM EAT CAKE!"

      Just remember, a revolution in retail pharma may soon be in the offing. Or, maybe more precisely, "Off with their (Walgreens) heads!"



    • First of all Western Union did not do what they advertised on the tv commercials. Bank of America was my sister's house. Walgreen is simply improperly trained pharmacist.
      So you don't know everything like you think you do, cmxgen.