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  • big.yank big.yank Sep 21, 2011 1:09 PM Flag

    Earnings release: 9/27 @ 7:30AM!

    Get ready for Tuesday.

    Will the long-rumored $ Billion savings from "Rewiring" finally show up at the party?

    Will DR actually be accretive to earnings?

    Will results for clinics and home infusion actually be broken out, or just "hidden" in the drugstore math?

    Hey, this could be a great day for some investors!



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    • Hello Cmxgen:

      I don't disagree with you about retail pharmacy,
      what did I did hear from the Congressional Hearing by MHS CEO,
      was that they have a vested interest for "Independent pharmacies to succeed"..
      I will tell you he was on Message, unlike Esrx's CEO who nodded his head in agreement and stumbled on a few answers.

      As for location, USA Professional Athletes are now going to foreign countries for Stem cell site therapy to combat sports injuries.
      These outcomes have been reported and the sports Associations are not commenting on the legality,
      As for the results they have been impressive.. however this medical treatment is not recognized in the United States
      even though these are American MD's preforming these procedures.
      So this Convenience Marketing argument, ends at the Door-step of
      Medical services.

      Technology and open communication is changing the status quo..


    • Yank, let me try and answer your unintelligent questions.

      "Will the long-rumored $ Billion savings from "Rewiring" finally show up at the party?"

      Even YOU should know that the ONE BILLION DOLLARS in savings from the REWIRING program was a TWO YEAR PROGRAM to save the ONE BILLION with the 2nd half of the BILLION in savings to be in this year's profits! Walgreens has met or beat every quarter this fiscal year and the analysts are predicting 55 cents for this quarter but I think there will be a SURPRISE TO THE UPSIDE with 59 cents not out of the question!

      "Will DR actually be accretive to earnings?"

      Duane Reade was a TREMENDOUS BUY, far better than the disastrous purchase of Longs by CVS so YES, duh!

      "Will results for clinics and home infusion actually be broken out, or just "hidden" in the drugstore math?"


      "Hey, this could be a great day for some investors!"

      Unfortunately NOT FOR YOU OR I because we don't own any Walgreens stock, we just sit here and blabber about inside things that we can only guess about because we just BASH!


    • big.yank

      Goodwill accounting how will that
      be added??

      • 1 Reply to robbsbeach
      • "Goodwill accounting how will that be added??"


        No wonder you get so many beat downs from the rest of the board, you ask such stupid questions! I think they should take a figure closer to the number that CVS uses which is over 25 BILLION instead of the small number that Walgreens usually uses which is LESS than 1.5 billion! Walgreens has way more goodwill compared to the shady CVS company, yet they take a number less than 5% of the number CVS uses! The difference is that Walgreens is honest, but it would drive all of the bashers crazy and then away if they chose to report profits using a larger goodwill number like CVS. I honestly hope they do use an inflated number because CVS has been getting away with it for years and it would cause the wino analysts great consternation.