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  • robbsbeach robbsbeach Sep 29, 2011 8:46 PM Flag

    dbl_dbl_agnt news:

    Today price decline of Walgreens, missed a important story posted by
    dbl_dbl_agnt this story was not found in the Traditional press.

    Kim Feil, Walgreens Chief marketing officer will be leaving the Company,
    and will be replaced by a Former Duane Reade Executive.

    As was stated in the recent executive conference call, plans are in place to start pulling levers to reduce COGS and SG&A.
    Not knowing Ms. Feil's role in the current Esrx impasse I will ask dbl_dbl_agnt
    for some background on this executive so we all may have some in-site if this news will change the impasse or tomorrows trading. (Good Luck, Kim)

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    • Earnings season is coming. Foot traffic dropoff is 5% or higher. This is a BAAAAD sign when foot traffic is down and marketing exec job is eliminated. Sounds like BIG JOE's is taking over.

    • robbsbeach,

      I think there is a lot more than meets the eye regarding Kim Feil's departure. This was a widely respected person with consumer and food marketing background at Sara Lee prior to joining Walgreens in 2008. She was lauded by Greg Wasson earlier this year, but got dumped for a Duane Reade executive. What loyalty!

      Maybe the DR guy was the one that came up with the sushi idea? Or restroom cams?

      I remember the last transformative change in chain drugstore marketing when Rite Aid reinvented "Marketing" to become the internet auction driver of vendor shakedowns for better prices. We ALL know how well that worked out for them!

      Sushi, anyone?


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      • Big.yank

        I saw the article on Thursday, no mention of Big Flats plan in this years Oktoberfest or market share.
        My guess, this was all Bun and no Beef
        in controlling SG&A spend.

        Is it Walgreens plan to re-invent marketing also, Its kind of late to landscape this field, U think?

        David Hall(esrx)recently spoke about his disappointment with public negotiations and leadership in
        Rx pricing. perhaps this is the reason..

        big.yank, I am looking to buy into a non-US Corporation it is not listed on the US exchange, any suggestions??

    • "Kim Feil, Walgreens Chief marketing officer will be leaving the Company and will be replaced by a Former Duane Reade Executive."

      She came up with the name for the private-label brew called Big Flats 1901 and for that now SHE got canned! She had nothing to do with the current ESRX impasse which should be settled in less than a month.

    • She started in 08 from Kraft.

      Do you think this has anything to do with the lawsuit filed by ESRX. Was she in charge of
      the campaign to convert ESRX Med D patients to alternate choices?

      I doubt removing her from CMO has anything to do with SG/A. They will be looking for 200M+.

      They probably want someone with retail marketing experience. DR did a real nice job in NYC.

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      • I agree about the D/R NY experience, even though big.yank see's no added value.

        Re "campaign to convert ESRX Med D patients to alternate choices".
        Now I understand why they sold off WHI.

        I read that Walgreens has set up a new Model for Pharmacy services in Chicago, Have you seen it yet? ?
        SG&A seems to be a problem, do you think it has something to do with their allocation of resources and metric's in value measurement?