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  • robbsbeach robbsbeach Nov 29, 2011 4:39 PM Flag

    Lipitor's outlook :

    Wednesday eve the blockbuster Drug from Pfizer will see the last of its patent protected revenue.

    Generic Manufactures will be introducing their version with the active ingredient,

    Two PBM have announced deals with Pfizer, these PBM's will continue to provide this medication from the original developer of this Blockbuster Cholesterol Drug.
    The WSJ ask Local community pharmacies about this change-room payment, but no answers where provided..

    RAD will still be providing PBM's with a Cholesterol lowering drug according to the PBM's formulary.
    Milo, what your out look on this announcement.


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    • Abuse reeported.

    • I am sure Medicare would like to hear about this.After all the whole premise behind generic drugs is to make it cheaper for all.

    • You cast light on this scam, makes me fume....
      There should be a class action lawsuit in the works. I will keep my reciepts to document my purchases.... I suggest others do so.

    • As an aside I just got off the phone with a friend who does formulary mgmt with Humana.He indicates that Humana has already added atorvastatin to their formulary so the delay coming from other PBM's is likely being done for monetary reasons....

    • “It is available through WAG but not the generic pricing.
      I will check in about the mail order pricing, good point. This drives me mad...”

      If your prescriptions are covered via a third party then the pharmacy you use, whether WAG or any other pharmacy has absolutely nothing do with the pricing of your rx nor the copay you are charged. Those metrics are all determined by your third party carrier. UNH, as well a CMX are delaying the addition of generic atorvastatin to their formularies because they have been paid huge rebates by Pfizer not to. A portion of those rebates, if not all of them, are generally passed on to your plan or whoever actually signs the contract with the PBM on the client side. Bottom line is the PBM may or may not be making money off of the rebate....your plan (if an ERISA trust) or insurance company (if full risk insured) is definitely making money off of the rebate....and you the consumer are left holding the bag by continuing to have to pay a brand copay because of the delay. Generally speaking, adjustments to a drug formulary are made every 2 weeks to 1 month depending on the PBM.Same with the tiering of the medication...any delay past this point benefits the PBM, and the client but screws the member....Hope this helps.....

    • First hand experience my friend..

    • Here's a tip. Get your facts straight BEFORE you post something or else you run the risk of looking like a basher!

    • Today I picked up my refill of the generic Lipitor at WAG. They charged me the same for a 3mo supply of 40mg Av... as they did for the Lipitor. They said the insurance co doesnt have it in their formulary yet. Called the insurance co United Helthcare they said the generaic price will appear in March 2012.
      This is BS on a grand scale. Anyone had a similar experience?

    • The generic name of Lipitor is spelled Atorvastatin.

    • robb, first tell me why your even here, Are you long/short , a angry x employee, really dude whats you gig? You know what the hell is going on and thats pfe and everyone else is trying to screw the public until the last possible minute, Try getting a generic tomorrow and it won't happen. I cannot micro manage wag and their eps give or take a few pennies. Bottom line is there is value in wag at this price and the lower it goes the more I will buy. I am long with dec calls against everything I have, If I get called I make a very nice hit and if i don't i am confident that i can work my way out of it. This time is different from when I traded it to a 40% return and you know thats true as I always post my entry WHEN it happens and not some bs of I bought it last whatever. Until this works itself out i cannot really commit a large position for a 12 to 24 month hold.

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      • Milo;

        I never get emotional over large cap companies, having worked for a few.
        I think Peter Lynch once said he looks for companies that a dummy could run because eventually one will.
        I closed my position on buying puts, I hope that answers your question.

        I think there is still some downside risk but not enough for me to sell short with the profit potential of lipitors generic sales juicing the numbers..
        Could this change, if the Risk entity mandates M/O vs Retail??
        At the right price I may take a long position.
        The current outlook is around 30.00 with this conflict, so I think you are seeing a small optimistic outlook.
        Should 1/1/13 expire and a pending M&A
        this thing could get ugly with SG&A fixed.
        Is this subject to change, of course.

        So would I buy today.. only at the fixed price I have valued this at!!
        Under $30.