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  • jramp20023000 jramp20023000 Jan 13, 2012 1:28 AM Flag

    Short Wag

    What is your PT or did you cover?

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    • I am at 32.4?....I should have waited until it hit close to 35 or over. Its hard to trade stock versus futures because of the manipulation. SHLD and SFLY (shutterfly) are also very good shorts, but it comes down to timing.

      Until numbers come out WAG will trade around here, if I get low 32 I may bail and wait for 34 to short. WAG execs are doing a good job stating they will retain 99% of RX volume. Execs keep promoting WAG will be the future. Regardless of my short position, their jobs are on the line! If WAG fails to make this a positive situation, and eventually loses MHS and CMX business, WAG will be in the low 20s, and the CEO and his team will be long gone. Remember the wild card of WMT purchasing WAG if things get bad.

      WAG is a tough short I let my emotions get the best of me. Its easier to trade and make money on other stocks!

      B well!

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      • Cmxgen:

        Individual stockholders are not controlling this price range.
        the Wavering price is benefiting the bigger traders and will continue past the next earnings announcement.
        Walgreens is playing to the 1% of holders with buy backs and dividend increases, However the price is floundering in the low 30's as its competitor are eating Wags Rxs, and that's not Sushi.

        Noticing Walgreens executives future, well that vote was cast in the Annual meeting, so I don't see anything changing on that Front.

        Should the Esrx/MHS merger be approved
        the low 20' are a excellent projection.

      • yes, a tough short because there is value in this company and we are at that " interesting" level. How about TGT looking at wag instead of wmt? WMT has already started their small store push and what a great way for tgt to get the jump on wmt.

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