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  • collectorschoice2003 collectorschoice2003 Mar 5, 2012 11:48 AM Flag

    WAG to 36

    Numbers werent as bad as expected without Express Scripts. Now the upside is clear , the stock will hit 35-36 by next week!

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    • WAG spent a surprising $600M last Q on stock buybacks. Not the kind of thing you would see if M&A were being considered.

    • Actually, the numbers are as bad as expected. Of all of them, the Comp Rx performance is down 13.3% if you back out the 90-day multiplier which helps obscure reality, IMHO. I think analysts are expecting a rabbit from the hat at Q2 earnings, later in the month. I, for one, believe they will get one.

      The shorts in this stock are in for a rude surprise with news such as a RAD buyout, a settlement with ESRX or one more potential blockbuster which I will not share at this time, but which I earlier alluded to in an October post.

      The best short opportunity may well be in ESRX.

      Something major will change by the EOM. BANK ON IT.



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      • Walgreens numbers are Bad, as I expected also.
        It will be interesting to see the Cash Flow when Q2 is released, as well at the easter bunny that will appear.

        Whether a RAD Buyout is possible or another M&A, the Hedges are are not seeing there shadow, or a plan to stop the Leaking Core.
        This core has been breached, that will be focused on by the Next PBM, asking for lower prices, as had been discussed before.

        Looking at todays trades, I don't see any upside unless something major occurs also.
        Given the total mishandling of the PBM
        issues regarding revenue, economic factors and SG&A costs, CVS/Caremark, Walmart, RAD, Supermarkets and Mass retailers are now positioned to capitalize on this failure.

        A PBM buyout might be their only move forward.