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  • rgsam54 rgsam54 Mar 19, 2012 3:02 PM Flag

    Triwest unh 17b contract

    Am I clueless. Right now just trying to find out if this is true. Tried to research it couldn't find anything. So just bouncing it out there to see if any knows. It makes us all clueless until someone knows this. but by deduction makes senses. True of false.

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    • I intend to make this simple, If a government bid goes out for Auto light bulbs, that does not mean you get to supply the Auto's or Trucks also.

      Hope this helps..

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      • Hey Robb,

        Yes this is the medical side and I am sure it goes through many companies. But it appears that TriWest was with TriCare for a long time just like ESRX. UNH is very aggressive and am sure would love to have the TRICARE business.

        They could create a closed system and better contain costs than ESRX. Meaning your physicians, hospital, pharmacy, all will be in one. This i believe is the future of healthcare, if you catch my drift on closed systems.

        UNH is much worse than ESRX for pharmacy reimbursement.

      • I understood it from the beginning. But the government just gave the contract to united healthcare instead of Triwest. so again if this is true. the department of defense awarded the contract to UnH for 5 years effective April 1, 2013 for the west region. So therefore I guess the department of defense is the government and unh which walgreens is in the net work. So does Walgreen have access to this.

      • There is a slight problem with the analogy

        In this case the order has gone out for truck/auto company that can handle the light bulb also