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  • robbsbeach robbsbeach Apr 12, 2012 3:00 PM Flag

    Esrx merger update:

    "Expert in Retail Pharmacy Mergers and Acquisition"

    So you know have to structure these big boy buy-out and value the loss rate
    post merger,which most retail provider experience.
    Big Fella, I as ws well as Cmxgen have worked with and for the biggest players in this Industry.
    And, yes with the legal eagles on both sides!
    I and Cmxgen have experience in these 500+M deals when they go south after the merger,
    As the Bankers, Lawyers and Investment houses walks away with a no Claw back payout..

    Gee was it RAD, who now is under the servitude of financial bankers, that bought a very large company.

    As for Mom and POP retail Rx shops, Cmxgen can speak for himself and add to why
    the highest Value is in a Small Rx shop vs a public Corporation.

    Have a enjoyable day.

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