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  • idiotcrapdoesntwork idiotcrapdoesntwork Apr 13, 2012 12:29 AM Flag

    Walgreens is Booming!!

    I was in two Walgreen's the past two days and their so busy I couldn't hardly get through the isles. The Easter candy isles that is (50% discount), otherwise the pharmacy was dead, AGAIN!! I don't know how this company is going to do moving forward selling discount items and junk. Amazing. They have got to do something or they'll be done within a year, mark my words folks, things are not good.

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    • Last couple of days I have been to two different wags by my home. Yesterday went in the one and they had very good foot traffic. They had to open up both registers. I also checked by pharmacy just for the heck of it and they had a number of individuals at the pharmacy dropping off and picking up and had a pharmacist and two techs working behing the counter. Also check the pick-up bins and they had an awful lot of scripts waiting to be picked up. On Wed went to the other one to pick up a script and again there were a number of individuals dropping off and picking up. They had the pharmacist and two techs working behind the counter also and they were very busy with the counter and drive up. Been going to this Wags since it was opened. So knowing the pharmicist. I just asked her how it was going. Her comment was we were doing pretty well. I also asked her how the express deal is affecting her store. She not to bad. They has lost some. but she also has had people transfer in and also new customers. According to her the areas where it has hurt Walgreens the most is in indiana, Around the St. Louis area. and south western part of the country where express scripts is more dominate. People comment on a stance on who's right Express scripts or Walgreen and don't think all the facts are out each side is posturing. I also see that Express scripts is making a boat load of money off of who's back. If I were a company I would find a way to work around this middle man and they get their savings.