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  • cc43578 cc43578 May 15, 2012 12:04 PM Flag

    adding every day

    "Put him on ignore"

    He already has.

    Three times.

    I don't know why my messages keep showing up on his computer screen :-)

    "I agree with you on the market being tired"

    It's settled then. The market is officially "tired".

    "the Volker rule is front and center again"

    That pesky ol' Volker rule just won't go away, will it?

    "since the JPM reported losses"

    "losses" just doesn't seem like a strong enough description. How about CATASTROPHIC FAILURE.

    "Milo is a smart investor that believes in the market long or short."

    Doesn't matter if he's making any money, as long as he "believes in the market".

    "I in the past I bought..."


    "bought and sold positions only to get back in at a higher price with less upside."

    Admitting your stupidity is the first step.

    "By following milo's logic it is much easier to accumulate a position for the long term."

    This is GROUND BREAKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    "Walgreens I would think quantified the risks they where taking against Esrx, however their estimated targets and plans Ignored the
    cost controls that where put in place during the 1980's."

    Please list these mysterious 1980's "cost controls".