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  • cc43578 cc43578 May 15, 2012 11:32 AM Flag

    Fedora or Straw Hat?

    "One of this boards former contributors and investors who had been active in discussions on Risk planning, S/P issues facing this Retail Rx sector, has been waiting for a announcement."

    Translation: yank is long on Walgreens.

    "Should this announcement appear sometime in the Future, One thing is certain, disruption of cost controls are not going away, in fact the are growing larger."

    Once again, you show that you don't have the foggiest idea what you're talking about. There is no "disruption of cost controls", idiot! Getting rid of ESRX WAS AND STILL IS a cost control. The only "disruption" to it would be if WAG signed a contract at THEIR TERMS, you poignantly retarded fungus.

    "Consolidation from recent M&A's have increased the leverage to control Rx medical inflation, costs and Access"

    Grammar mistakes aside, you're not even close on this one. The purchase of one PBM by another had nothing whatsoever to do with controlling "medical inflation, costs, and Access". It was all about muscle. This increased muscle mass derived from combining 2 huge PBMs was meant to increase their ability to force pharmacies into signing contracts at reduced reimbursement rates. This results in larger profits for the combined PBM, which the actual customers benefit from in no way at all.

    Is any of this sinking in, or do you want me to type slower?

    "Scotus will be on this summer agenda"

    Who's agenda? What agenda? Do you even know what agenda means?

    "a unprecedented"

    OK, it was funny at first. Now it's just sad.

    "Cost/outcomes will continue to be in the hands of the payors and monitored, increasing pricing pressures to the branded and generic drug manufacturers."

    Since little of your posts make any sense, I often have to study them at length just to try to determine what you MEANT to say. After careful scrutiny of the above mash-up of random words, I am forced to judge it FREE OF ANY MEANING.

    "The next build, tiered cost networks, this is right in line with free choice, the core of a democratic system"

    You went from "tiered cost networks" to "core of a democratic system"??????

    So, I guess anything that the PBM's dream up, or for THAT MATTER, anything that anyone in America dreams up that doesn't involve mandatory involvement, would ALSO be "right in line with free choice, the core of a democratic system"

    Big Mac value meals, quilted toilet paper, pet rocks, liposuction, professional wrestling, abortion, ................ these are ALL "right in line with free choice, the core of a democratic system"

    So? What's that got to do with ANYTHING?

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