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  • cc43578 cc43578 May 25, 2012 1:36 AM Flag

    Per George Paz, CEO of Express...

    "You both are arguing over stupid points."

    Robbsbeach tends to raise A LOT of stupid points. I just point them out to him.

    "The game has changed"

    The game has changed constantly since 1901.

    "PBMs are looking past these major patent expiration period for growth."

    Looks like one of Robbsbeach's grammatically challenged, nonsensical statements.

    "Its all about specialty! and preferred networks."

    Show me the numbers.

    "This is the seed that has been planted not a renaissance in drug retail, look at Borders/ B & N, Circuit City, Soon to be best buy, blockbuster, etc. "

    That's a nice short list of companies and defunct businesses. Unfortunately, it has nothing whatsoever to do with "patent expiration periods", specialty and preferred networks, or ANYTHING ELSE currently being discussed. It's simply a list of current and past companies. You seem to take pride in listing obscure, unrelated, irrelevant examples. To me, it just shows how out of touch and uninformed you are.

    "Whichever way you want to look at it, shareholders have been rewarded owning PBM companys, ie. CVS, SXCI, MHS, ESRX, Catalyst. WAG/RAD are not performing well."

    RAD is not performing well. WAG stock is not performing well. WAG's comps are down, pretty much as expected. We'll see how WAG "performs" after the next quarterly earnings are posted.

    "If I were a WAG shareholder, my only concern would be if MGMT really has a plan?"

    So you aren't a shareholder? What are you doing here?

    "ESRX has laid out what they wish to accomplish, as has CVS."

    Really? What would THAT be?

    Do you think that WAG hasn't laid out what they wish to accomplish? Where have you been for the last 10 months, under a rock?

    "How does greg plan on increasing profit/sales (in other ways except cost cutting and generic medications). "

    Next January, WAG will be going against it's own non-ESRX numbers. Like I said above, the PBM selling season has just begun. Whatever business WAG gains from the droves of unhappy ESRX customers will be reflected in those comps (in addition to whatever non-ESRX related comp increases are incurred).

    "Just remember a 10% cut from here makes WAG a company worth 25B. MHS sold for 29B, I think Caremark sold for 25-26B. Who buys WAG? "

    Yeah, let's start some buy rumors. That'll be good for a quick pop. BUT WAIT!!! You're not a stockholder, remember?

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