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  • thurman_shane thurman_shane Jun 3, 2012 12:50 PM Flag

    Express Scripts CEO wants deal

    Short term Wag needs esrx, long term esrx needs wag
    Esrx is not offering wag a contract that's "in-line with everybody else" they are offering negative reimbursement. In doing this esrx is making enemies with all pharmacies not just wag. Gone are the days of going to any pharmacy that you want to with your insurance

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    • not true.

      not negative reimbursement. BRAND reimbursement model would not allow it, generics are based on MAC.

      WAG said ESRX variance was a few % less than industry standard.....if ESRX was negative reimbursement that would be a few % for reimbursement for all other insurance plans...

      ESRX has made no other enemies thus far and no other chain, etc stood with WAG.

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      • It's a nasty truth

        Paz wants to get a big dog like wag to sign before he can offer such crap to competing chains. Wag will take short term pain instead of agreeing to such ridiculous terms. The wmt, rad, krogers are watching this with interest as they know what's going on. Paz wants to kill as many pharmacies as he can, he has contributed to the death of countless independents and is raising the cost of healthcare especially in rural areas where patients now go to the ER instead of an independent pharmacy to get medication