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  • robbsbeach robbsbeach May 31, 2012 1:03 AM Flag

    Time for A Good Rumor!!

    Anyone have one?


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    • WAG to buy out ESRX for 65.oo sh

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      • spatrds:
        Is that before or after the New RFP..!!!

        Rumor on the Street:

        Wallstreet bankers are dressing up their pigs, with Colorful Nail polish and lipstick for this years Main Street Buying Soirée.
        Yes, a truly "Notice Me" show of what Stocks we should be buying..
        These Market Makers have been moving out of the Oil and Gold sectors, and will be repositioning their holding into growth focused Corporations.
        Dividend payers who have little or no growth prospects will be on display for all uninformed Investors.
        There sparking beauty investments, who currently are owned by Investment bankers need a Stable and good home in Main-streets holdings....

        Why Nail polish you may ask, lipstick trends are down while nail polish sales are up 65%.

        And now the trading Rumor:
        A Major Cosmetic Manufacturer will be teaming up with a Drug retailer offering a discount Coupon for ED Rx's with each nail polish product sold..
        Does Walgreens Sell Lipstick??


    • This is pretty much your life, isn't it?

      No hobbies, no family, no one to talk to, just sit and post on a bulletin board 24-7 with your infantile grammar and nonsensical statements.

      Is this what you look forward to when you get up each morning?